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  1. Heaven__

    Freedom Planet 2 Releases Summer 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

    The long-awaited side-scrolling platformer is still on track for September 13th on PC with the credits and a "few smaller cutscenes" left. GalaxyTrail’s Freedom Planet 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to its 2014 platformer, has received a release window for consoles. It releases in Summer...
  2. Heaven__

    Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Will Remain Playable for Current Owners After September 1st

    "Current owners of those games will still be able to access, play or redownload them," confirms the publisher in a recent statement. Ubisoft, as it usually does, ruffled a few feathers when it announced that DLC and online features for certain titles would be decommissioned on September 1st...
  3. Heaven__

    Rune Factory 5 Announced for PC, Coming to Steam on July 13th

    The Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions are currently discounted, with the latter including the base game and outfits from Rune Factory 4. After weeks of leaks, Marvelous and XSEED Games have finally announced Rune Factory 5 for PC. It arrives on July 13th for Steam with the Standard Edition...
  4. Heaven__

    Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal Are Also Coming to PS5 and Steam

    Atlus has confirmed in a recently sent out press release that in addition to Xbox and Game Pass, the Persona series is also headed to PS5 and Steam. Yesterday at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Atlus announced that it’ll finally be bringing its Persona series to a wider audience, with...
  5. Heaven__

    Immortality is Out on July 26th for Xbox Series X/S and PC

    Her Story director Sam Barlow's next FMV adventure is an interactive movie trilogy about the disappearance of actor Marissa Marcel. During the PC Gaming Show, Half Mermaid Productions’ narrative FMV title Immortality has finally received a release date. It’s out on July 26th for Xbox Series...
  6. Heaven__

    Voidtrain is Coming to Steam in October, New Gameplay Trailer Released

    Available in early access on the Epic Games Store, the survival sandbox title will finally be coming to Steam with new islands, enemies and features. HypeTrain Digital’s survival sandbox title Voidtrain is coming to Steam in October. It’s currently in early access for the Epic Games Store and...
  7. Heaven__

    Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is Apparently Coming to PC Today

    The Steam release trailer went live early and is now private. A store listing has also been discovered, though it's not currently live. A new trailer (which has since gone private) has emerged for Rising Star Games’ Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise. The survival horror is...
  8. Heaven__

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Steam Launch is Looking All but Confirmed

    Call of Duty's PC presence has been restricted to for years, but it's looking like the series will finally be returning to Steam soon. For as long as anyone can remember, Call of Duty’s PC presence has been limited to Blizzard Entertainment’s launcher, which means that...
  9. Heaven__

    Summer Game Fest 2022 Summer Game Fest Partners Include EA, Bloober Team, Atlus, Square Enix, Xbox, 2K Games, and More

    More than 30 partners are confirmed with "events, activities and updates" for fans planned. Even more are still to be announced. Summer Game Fest 2022 kicks off with a showcase on June 9th at 11 AM PT. Though last year may be hard to top (especially with the gameplay reveal of Elden Ring)...
  10. Heaven__

    Dune: Spice Wars Roadmap Revealed, Multiplayer Coming This Summer

    Free-for-all and co-op for up to four players will be possible. A brand-new faction and victory condition are also slated for Summer. Dune: Spice Wars, Shiro Games’ 4X strategy take on the Dune franchise, has been doing well since launching for Steam Early Access. There’s still more to come...
  11. Heaven__

    Rune Factory 5 PC Listing Discovered on SteamDB, Potential Release on July 13th

    Currently exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, the farming sim/RPG could be launching on PC via Steam in the coming months. Hakama’s Rune Factory 5 had its long-awaited release in North America and Europe this past March for Nintendo Switch with worldwide shipments and digital sales crossing...
  12. Dermot

    The House in The Hollow - Development Update 2022

    Disruptions caused by COVID-19 have continued to hinder our schedule. In addition, we have decided to migrate the game to the Unreal Engine 5 in order to truly bring to life the ‘House in The Hollow’ and we are making good progress with the changeover. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a...
  13. Heaven__

    Dune: Spice Wars Launches in Steam Early Access

    Funcom and Shiro Games' 4X real-time strategy hybrid has launched in Steam Early Access, offering four playable factions. Publisher Funcom and developer Shiro Games announced 4X and real-time strategy hybrid Dune: Spice Wars at The Game Awards in December last year, and instantly caught the...
  14. Heaven__

    Steam Deck Update Brings Improved Battery Life, New Lock Screen, QoL Improvements, and More

    Valve has pushed a new update for the Steam Deck, introducing some new tweaks, improvements, and features to the device. The Steam Deck has been out for a couple of months but, and as the handheld gaming PC moves further into its lifespan, Valve is continuing to come up with ways to improve...
  15. Heaven__

    Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition is Coming to Steam

    Currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and the Epic Games Store, the sequel follows Abe as he leads the Mudokons. After launching as a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store, Oddworld Inhabitants has announced that Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition will also be coming...
  16. Heaven__

    Bethesda Launcher Migration to Steam Starts on April 27th

    Players can begin transferring their games, saves and funds later this month. The launcher itself will be sunset on May 11th. Back in February, Bethesda announced that its PC-based Bethesda Launcher would be sunset in May. Players with games and saves on the service could migrate over to Steam...
  17. Heaven__

    Godfall: Ultimate Edition is Now Available

    Debuting on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Steam, the action RPG also receives the free Exalted update with new passives, mechanics and more. Counterplay Games’ Godfall is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Steam with the Ultimate Edition. It first launched in November 2020 for PS5...
  18. Heaven__

    Dune: Spice Wars Enters Early Access on April 26, 4th Playable Faction Revealed

    Funcom and Shiro Games' 4X strategy title is launching in early access later this month, while its fourth playable faction has also been revealed. Announced last year at The Game Awards, Shiro Games’ 4X strategy title Dune: Spice Wars has been garnering plenty of attention since then, thanks to...
  19. Heaven__

    Ori and the Blind Forest, Fable Anniversary, and More Xbox First Party Titles Optimized for Steam Deck

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition and Killer Instinct are also Steam Deck Verified, while Gears Tactics and Minecraft Dungeons get the "Playable" tag. The Steam Deck has been out for well over a month, and the list of games in Steam’s massive library that are fully optimized for the handheld...
  20. Heaven__

    Godfall: Ultimate Edition – Xbox Series X Gameplay Revealed, Showcases New Valorplate Shard Skills

    The 2020 action RPG arrives on April 7th for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One along with Steam. The Exalted update launches on the same day. Counterplay Games’ Godfall is finally coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Steam next week with the Ultimate Edition’s release. Retailing for a limited...



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