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square enix

  1. Heaven__

    Dragon Quest Treasures – Treasure Hunting, Categories, Fortune Finder, and More Detailed

    Learn more about venturing to the various islands of Draconia, finding treasure, and appraising them for the best value. Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Treasures is a ways off but there’s plenty to know about its gameplay. A new in-depth guide to treasure hunting has been provided, outlining many...
  2. Heaven__

    Harvestella Receives New Details on Nemea, Sky Lancer Job, Character Stories, Fishing, and More

    Learn more about the Town of Spring along with its various crops, cuisines and characters en route to the life sim RPG's November release. Square Enix has shared some new details on its upcoming life simulation RPG Harvestella. Taking place during Quietus season when calamity befalls the...
  3. Heaven__

    Horizon Forbidden West is Back on Top in Weekly UK Retail Charts, LIVE A LIVE Debuts at No. 6

    Guerrilla Games' open world action RPG saw a 120% increase in sales over last week, thanks almost entirely to its PS5 version. The Gfk has released the latest weekly data for physical software sales in the UK, and while there is one new release in the top 10, the very top is occupied by games...
  4. Heaven__

    LIVE A LIVE is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

    The HD-2D remake RPG is out now, offering eight different stories across several time periods, each with unique mechanics. 1994 SNES RPG LIVE A LIVE is one of the most unique games of its time in more ways than one, but having never launched outside of Japan, it didn’t get the fame and...
  5. Heaven__

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – New Dash Function, Magic Shortcuts, and More Revealed

    Spin-offs like Dirge of Cerberus won't receive the same remaster treatment but "some characters" may appear in the Remake saga. There’s a lot of buzz around the Final Fantasy 7 Remake saga these days, especially with the second part, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, releasing in Winter 2023. Until...
  6. Heaven__

    Marvel’s Avengers’ Next Hero is Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier

    A prominent Avengers leaker says The Winter Soldier will be the next hero to be added to the game, though it seems the rumoured She-Hulk addition has been delayed. Marvel’s Avengers recently brought its drought of new content to a close with the addition of Jane Foster a.k.a. The Mighty Thor...
  7. Heaven__

    Dragon Quest Treasures – New Story, World, and Character Details Revealed

    Join Erik and Mia as they venture through the world of Draconia, searching for the Seven Dragon Stones and befriending different monsters. Following its announcement for release later this year, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Treasures has received some new details. Its official Japanese website...
  8. Heaven__

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Devs Were Considering Making it a Two-Part Series

    The Final Fantasy 7 Remake saga has been officially confirmed as a trilogy, though it may have ended up as a duology instead. For quite a while, Square Enix wouldn’t confirm how many instalments its Final Fantasy 7 Remake saga would have, quite simply because the company itself hadn’t decided...
  9. Heaven__

    The DioField Chronicle Receives New Release Date Trailer

    As announced previously, the real-time strategy RPG will launch on September 22nd for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Following a prior release date announcement, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Lancarse’s The DioField Chronicle. It re-confirms that the...
  10. Heaven__

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Features Linkable Attack Combos and More Accessible Limit Breaks

    Limit Breaks are no longer tied to the Digital Mind Wave system, though other elements like leveling up are still randomized. Square Enix has several big role-playing games releasing this year like Harvestella, Valkyrie Elysium, Live A Live, and so on. However, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7...
  11. Heaven__

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy Won’t Cut Any Locations from the Original Game

    Creative director Tetsuya Nomura says nothing from the original game will be left out or shortened in the remake trilogy. Square Enix is going all-out with its remaking efforts for Final Fantasy 7, in that it has turned what was one legendary game into an entire saga. The original game is...
  12. Heaven__

    Final Fantasy 14 – Patch 6.2 “Buried Memory” Arrives in Late August, Adds Island Sanctuary

    Raise animals and gather materials on your own island. New Main Scenario and Side Quests are also coming along with a new Dungeon. While still working on Final Fantasy 16, producer Naoki Yoshida is committed to Final Fantasy 14. In the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast, he...
  13. Heaven__

    Valkyrie Elysium Releases on September 28th, Leaked Trailer Showcases New Gameplay

    The PlayStation Store briefly listed the upcoming action RPG as releasing on September 28th, 9 AM PDT in the West before being changed. Square Enix’s Valkyrie Elysium has been rated in Brazil, South Korea and even the United States. However, rather than an official announcement, the release...
  14. Heaven__

    Marvel’s Avengers – Next Hero is New; “Lots of Heroes” to Add, Promises Design Lead

    Following the release of The Mighty Thor, Crystal Dynamics' Brian Waggoner promises a brand new hero instead of another Echo character. Marvel’s Avengers continues to receive support with The Mighty Thor aka Jane Foster recently added to the roster. Of course, this isn’t a “new” hero per se...
  15. Heaven__

    The DioField Chronicle Gameplay Showcases Combat, Cutscenes, and More

    The real-time tactical RPG is currently slated to release on September 22nd for consoles and September 23rd for PC in Japan. Square Enix recently announced that its tactical RPG The DioField Chronicle will be released on September 22nd for consoles in Japan. The Western release date has yet...
  16. Heaven__

    Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Patch 6.2 Will Be Coming Out in Late August, Details Revealed

    Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed details of Endwalker's patch 6.2, along with a release window, and more details about Island Sanctuary. Square Enix has revealed details about Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker‘s content patch 6.2. The details were revealed during a...
  17. Heaven__

    Final Fantasy 16 – Story Focus Mode and Wearable Assists Revealed

    Story Focus Mode is meant for less action-savvy players and allows for modifying combat - like easier blocking and combos - with special equipment. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 is taking a more action-oriented approach to combat compared to previous titles. While some fans will no doubt...
  18. Heaven__

    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Trials of the Dragon King DLC Launches July 20

    The first of three DLCs for the action RPG will add new stories, areas, challenges, equipment, accessories, and more. If you were a fan of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s blend of Final Fantasy ideas and Soulslike mechanics, there’s good news for you- there’s plenty more where that...
  19. Heaven__

    Outriders: Worldslayer Early Access is Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

    The paid expansion is out tomorrow worldwide and adds a new story, missions, over 100 new Legendary items, and much more. People Can Fly and Square Enix dropped a new launch trailer for Outriders: Worldslayer, the looter shooter’s first paid expansion. It’s out tomorrow on all platforms but...
  20. Heaven__

    Star Ocean: The Divine Force Launches October 27th, New Gameplay and Details Revealed

    The action RPG will release worldwide for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. Five new characters and combat mechanics are also showcased. Square Enix and tri-Ace have announced that Star Ocean: The Divine Force will launch worldwide on October 27th. It will be available for PS4, PS5...



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