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  1. Heaven__

    Next Total War Teased in New Trailer

    The Creative Assembly continues to support a number of different Total War games, including the recently released A Total War Saga: Troy. However, its next title is already seemingly in development. The developer released a new, unnamed teaser trailer that potentially hints at what it could be...
  2. Heaven__

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon is Out Now for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PC

    It’s finally time for Ichiban Kasuga to shine, at least in the West as Yakuza: Like a Dragon is now available for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PC and Xbox One. The critically acclaimed RPG sees Kasuga leaving prison after a number of years only to be ditched by his clan. He thus embarks on a journey to...
  3. Heaven__

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trailer Sets up an Epic Quest

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon sees its western launch in a little over a month from now, and it’s going to be an important one for the series, introducing new and old fans alike to completely new characters, a new setting, and a totally different style of gameplay from previous Yakuza games. Looking...
  4. Heaven__

    Watch Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 Free on Epic Games Store

    This week’s free offerings on the Epic Games Store are quite varied. They include Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2, Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2020 and Zoink’s Stick It to the Man. You’ll need an Epic Games account to claim all of these games and the Epic Games Launcher to play install and play...
  5. Heaven__

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon is Shaping up to be One of the Most Exciting Games of the Year

    These days, few of Sega’s franchises are as healthy and vibrant as the Yakuza series. The in-depth look at various Japanese cities, and it’s examination of the crime families that run the underground of those cities has proven to be a setting that has no limit on the amount of stories that can...
  6. Heaven__

    Yakuza: Like a Dragon Out on November 13th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

    Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku Studios have confirmed that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will release on November 13th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Xbox Series X version will launch alongside the console in November while the PS5 version is coming later. A new trailer has also been released, showcasing the...
  7. Heaven__

    A Total War Saga: Troy is Free Today on Epic Games Store

    The Creative Assembly’s A Total War Saga: Troy is releasing on the Epic Games Store today and unlike previous games in the series, there’s a twist. For its first 24 hours of release, everyone with an Epic Games account can claim it for free. After that, it will retail for the regular price...
  8. Heaven__

    A Total War Saga: Troy Shows Off Menelaus Campaign And Details Divine Will

    The Total War franchise has taken us a lot of places, both based in reality and fiction. The latest entry in the series, A Total War Saga: Troy, looks to be a mix of both. It will be set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, an event that may or may not have happened. Similarly, the game mixes...
  9. Heaven__

    A Total War Saga: Troy Highlights Trade In New Trailer

    This year will see a new entry in the beloved RTS series by Sega and Creative Assembly, A Total War Saga: Troy. The game will take you to ancient Greece, in one of the most timeless tales of a war and city that may have never existed. We’ve seen highlights of how battle will go in this new...
  10. Heaven__

    Yakuza Kiwami 2 Releases on July 30th for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass

    Yakuza fans on Xbox won’t have to wait long for the next chapter in the epic saga. Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has announced that Yakuza Kiwami 2 will release for Xbox One and Windows 10 on July 30th. It will be available for both console and PC subscribers of Xbox Game Pass. Touted as perhaps the...
  11. Heaven__

    Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lead List of Xbox Series X Optimized Games

    The “Optimized for Xbox Series X” badge is something Microsoft have been talking up of late. Essentially, if a game wears this badge, it means it has – as the wording suggests – been optimized to take as much advantage as possible of the Xbox Series X as possible, which reduced loading, or...
  12. Heaven__

    A Total War Saga: Troy Launches on August 13th, Free for First 24 Hours on Epic Games Store

    The Creative Assembly’s next big Total War title, A Total War Saga: Troy will be releasing on August 13th. It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC for a year. However, in an interesting twist, it will be free within the first 24 hours of launch. An official blog post explains why the...
  13. Heaven__

    The Evolution of Console GPUs From Dreamcast To Xbox Series X

    At over 12.15 TFLOPs and over 10.28 TFLOPs respectively, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 deliver an unprecedented level of raw console performance. They’re a true generational leap over the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. However, the very fact that they’re ninth-generation consoles is...
  14. Heaven__

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Releases on May 27th for PC in North America

    Sega has finally dated the PC launch of Phantasy Star Online 2. The action MMO will be available on the Microsoft Store in North America on May 27th. The Xbox One version has been available since April 15th and supports cross-platform play with the PC version. There’s no word on whether...
  15. Heaven__

    Total War: SHOGUN 2 is Now Free to Keep on Steam, Offer Ends May 1st

    The Creative Assembly’s Total War: SHOGUN 2 is now free to keep on Steam. The offer is only valid until May 1st so hurry up and claim it now. All of the DLC has also been discounted by 75 to 76 percent each so if you enjoy the base game, it’s well worth picking them up. Total War: SHOGUN 2 has...
  16. Heaven__

    Alien Isolation Is Only $2 (USD) On Steam

    The Alien franchise is one that’s played hokey pokey with video games for years. There is, of course, the classic Alien vs Predator games that are remembered fondly. Before the Fox/Disney merger, it also seemed like everyone was talking with Fox to make a game based on the classic series. And I...
  17. Heaven__

    Sega wants to give you Total War: Shogun 2 for free as a thank you for staying at home

    In a bid to keep us safe inside and flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sega is giving away Total War: Shogun 2 from tomorrow, Monday 27th April, right up until Friday 1st May, 2020, inclusively. The freebie - which will be available via Steam - is fully free-to-keep and coincides...
  18. Heaven__

    Total War: SHOGUN 2 is Free on Steam Next Week

    As discovered last week, The Creative Assembly’s legendary Total War: SHOGUN 2 will be going free next week. The strategy title will be free to keep from April 27th to May 1st on Steam, with the developer hoping to encourage players to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Everyone at...
  19. Heaven__

    Total War: Warhammer 2 Will Be Free To Play This Weekend

    It’s been something of a few couple of months for most people. Being stuck at home is always no fun, and for some there’s not a whole lot that can help that. But, at the very least, companies are offering up a lot of free stuff to either buy or try, and now Sega and Creative Assembly have got...
  20. Heaven__

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Now Available for Xbox One, Out in Late May for PC

    Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally available in the West – at least, for North America – Xbox One. You download and play the game for free today though there are bundles that can be purchased with different in-game items. Also, you’ll need Xbox Live Gold for playing on consoles. Oh and PC...



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