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saber interactive

  1. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Receives an Impressive 8K Tech Trailer

    Crysis Remastered is just days away from launch, and once again, you’ll be able to look at whatever system you’re planning to play it on and ask yourself, “can it run Crysis?” And with the game’s launch looming on the horizon, Crytek have released an impressive new 8K tech trailer for it...
  2. Heaven__

    WWE 2K Battlegrounds Focuses On Legends And Commentary With Latest Trailer

    This year’s WWE entry in the video game world is going to look significantly different than usual. The regular WWE 2K series is on break after a disastrous technical version last year. In its place is the heavily stylized WWE 2K Battlegrounds. While it may look different, there will be a lot...
  3. Heaven__

    World War Z PS4 Crossplay and Player Report System Coming July 22

    While Xbox One and PC gamers have been enjoying crossplay benefits for quite some time now, Saber Interactive is fliiping the switch this week as World War Z PS4 crossplay is set to launch this July 22 with the upcoming Dronemaster update! This was announced by Saber Interactive over on Twitter...
  4. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Shows Off Tech Features For Switch Version In New Trailer

    Crysis was something of a legend when it originally released. The game was noted for its incredible technical levels, spraining even high end PCs at the time. While console versions did eventually come (360 and PS3, specifically), they were very obviously stripped down versions of that original...
  5. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Still Coming July 23rd For Switch, Gyro Aiming Confirmed

    The original Crysis was set to get a remaster this month, but unfortunately it ended up getting pushed back to an undetermined time. Technically, the release was not officially announced, but after some leaks Crytek decided they could punt it down the line for some improvements. Except it seems...
  6. Heaven__

    WWE 2K Battlegrounds Releases on September 18th, New Trailer Confirms Legends

    2K Games has announced that WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a more arcade-like take on the WWE, will be releasing on September 18th. Developed by Saber Interactive, it will feature over 70 WWE wrestlers (with more coming post-launch), including Legends from the past. This includes the likes of Shawn...
  7. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Switch Debut Trailer Leaks

    Crysis Remastered is in line for its debut trailer reveal in less than a couple hours from now, but its full reveal has proven to be a leaky ship. Recently, a listing of the game prematurely went live with details about its release date and more on the Microsoft store, and now, it’s the Nintendo...
  8. Heaven__

    World War Z Marseille DLC Out Tomorrow, Check Out Details and Gameplay Here

    If you haven’t bought Saber Interactive’s sleeper hit World War Z, the Game of the Year edition is out tomorrow, which includes all the existing content released so far. Now, if you have, you’re no doubt looking forward to the World War Z Marseille DLC. Lead Game Designer Dmitry Grigorenko has...
  9. Heaven__

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition – Update 3.6 Now Live Worldwide for Switch

    After releasing in select regions, CD Projekt RED has confirmed that update 3.6 is now available for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch. In addition to integration with save files from Steam and GOG, it also supports Switch files from different regions. Perhaps the most...
  10. Dermot

    World War Z gets new Horde Mode Z with cross play planned

    Saber Interactive, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, has released the highly anticipated new Horde Mode Z update for World War Z, the best-selling, action-packed, co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. Check out today’s Horde Mode Z Update Trailer for a taste...
  11. Heaven__

    World War Z Upcoming Content Called “Kill It With Fire,” Includes Prestige Ranks, New Maps and More

    Those playing Saber Interactive’s World War Z, there’s a bunch of new stuff headed your way soon. Sbaer announced a slew of World War Z upcoming content and it includes a new weapon, new maps, Prestige Ranks, and more. Called the “Kill It With Fire” update, it’s set to arrive end of October...
  12. Heaven__

    The Witcher 3 Switch Launch Trailer Promises An Epic Portable Adventure

    The Witcher 3 is, impossibly enough, out now for the Nintendo Switch, bringing the complete experience of CD Projekt RED’s masterful open world RPG to Nintendo’s tiny little portable system. And to celebrate the game’s unlikely launch, CDPR have put out a new launch trailer for the game, which...
  13. Heaven__

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Nintendo Switch) Review – It’s Real, and It’s Good

    The Switch has received a flurry of ports of last-gen and current-gen titles since its launch, while many games have even declared day and date release dates for the system, making it Nintendo’s best-supported console by third parties in a long, long time. But never in our wildest dreams could...
  14. Heaven__

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is Out Now

    Saber Interactive’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered, an enhanced version of the 2009 title by Terminal Reality and Red Fly Studio, is out now. It’s not the mythical third film – which is finally being made as Ghostbusters 2020 – but it does offer a fun action adventure. Check out the...
  15. Heaven__

    World War Z Challenge Mode Modifiers for August 28, 2019

    Today the Proving Grounds update went live, and the World War Z challenge mode was put into the hands of players around the world. This is the first week that challenge mode has been available to the public. If you’re not sure what World War Z challenge mode is then check out our overview, which...
  16. Heaven__

    The Witcher 3’s Switch Version Gets 25 Minute Video Showing Handheld Mode

    While the game leaked a good while before it was officially announced, it was still kind of a surprise when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was shown to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, the full GOTY version of the game none-the-less. Today we get our first look at the game running in handheld mode...
  17. Heaven__

    World World Z Roadmap Update Reveals Free August Content, In-Game Stats Released

    aber Interactive have revealed the next set of free content that’ll be releasing sometimes next month in a new World War Z roadmap update. Titled “Proving Grounds,” this free content update is set to introduce a number of new goodies, most which will be free. The first and major set of changes...
  18. Heaven__

    World War Z Gets New Trailer Detailing Six Skulls Difficulty, New Skins, And More

    People really love mowing down zombies it turns out, as World War Z has been quite the success. It’s sold well above expectations, and is a pretty fun game to boot, taking up the space that Left 4 Dead once filled very nicely. Now more free and paid content is coming soon, and we have a trailer...
  19. Heaven__

    World War Z’s Launch Trailer Is All About Large-Scale Carnage

    Saber Interactive’s large-scale zombie co-op shooter World War Z is almost upon us, and ahead of its release, they’ve released a launch trailer for the game, to get us pumped for its action, and to give us a primer for what’s in store for us when the game launches a few days from now. With the...
  20. Heaven__

    World War Z Has PvP With Zombies Thrown In, New Trailer Released

    Battle other players across five unique modes with swarms of zombies interfering. All the footage we’ve seen of Saber Interactive’s World War Z has focused on co-op, PvE combat against hordes of zombies. It’s looked great but it seems there will be PvP modes for the more competitive-minded. A...



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