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  1. Heaven__

    Company Of Heroes 3 Developer Diary Tells Stories of Fan Feedback Improving the Game

    A new developer diary showcases Relic Entertainment's approach to incorporating fan feedback in Company of Heroes 3. Relic Entertainment’s upcoming Company of Heroes 3 has recently released a new video, the first in a series of developer diaries. This video focuses on the development of the...
  2. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Stress Test Announced for September 17th and 20th

    Four civilizations will be available along with five maps. Changes to camera zoom distance and balance have been made along with bug fixes. Following its closed beta from August, Age of Empires 4 will have a stress test at 10 AM PST on September 17th and September 20th. This will be open to...
  3. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Shows Another Civilization in New Gameplay Trailer

    If you were disappointed by what Microsoft showed of Age of Empires 4 at the Xbox Gamescom stream yesterday, there’s good news for you. It seems they were holding on to the better trailer for Gamescom Opening Night Live, where a new gameplay trailer revealed another civilization for the strategy...
  4. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Trailers Briefly Show New Weapons of War

    Use the Nest of Bees to fire deadly projectiles at enemies from afar, or palings to deter cavalry units in enemy forces. Age of Empires 4’s long-awaited launch is almost upon as, and as the game approaches its release date, Microsoft have been ratcheting up the hype and marketing machine for...
  5. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Closed Beta Announced for August 5th to 16th

    Along with a tutorial mission, selected Age insiders can also partake in 8 player multiplayer and AI matches with four civilizations to choose from. Relic Entertainment has announced that it will be inviting Age insiders to partake in the closed beta for Age of Empires 4. The beta will run...
  6. Heaven__

    Company of Heroes 2 is Free on Steam Until May 31st

    If you’re going into the weekend with a hankering for a good RTS or looking to fight yet another virtual version of World War 2, I have some good news for you. You can do both for free if you download Company of Heroes 2, which is free on Steam until May 31st. In addition, Sega is also giving...
  7. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 – Delhi Sultanate Civilization and Norman Campaign Revealed

    The Age of Empires Fan Preview started off with a bang, showcasing the new civilization coming to Age of Empires 4 along with one of four new campaigns. The Delhi Sultanate makes it debut, having an advantage in research and technology. Meanwhile, the new campaign explores the conflict between...
  8. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Huge Battles, Naval Combat Teased

    To cap off the Age of Empires Fan Preview, a new gameplay trailer for Age of Empires 4 was released. It’s almost six minutes long and showcases numerous battles between the different civilizations, from the Delhi Sultanate and the English to the Mongols and Chinese. Check out the in-engine...
  9. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Won’t Have Microtransactions

    Microsoft finally unveiled gameplay for Relic Entertainment’s Age of Empires 4 at X019 and it was something. Showcasing Medieval times, it was the perfect mix of city building, armies and stellar unit animation. Even better is the fact that the RTS won’t have any microtransactions or in-game...
  10. Heaven__

    Company of Heroes 2 Free for a Limited Time on Humble Bundle

    Company of Heroes 2 Free for a Limited Time on Humble Bundle Do you remember Company of Heroes 2? The real-time strategy game made by Relic Entertainment that had a World War II setting? Regardless if you do or don’t, here’s your chance to play it again — and for free! The Humble Bundle...
  11. Heaven__

    Dawn of War 3 Trailer Sheds Light On The Game’s Story

    Now that Space Hulk: Deathwing has officially released on the PC it’s time to turn our attention to Dawn of War 3. However in order to do that, we need to know a bit more about the game and the developers are helping out in that aspect as they’ve just released a brand new video. This trailer...



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