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  1. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves is Out Now on Steam

    After initially being available on the Microsoft Store for PC, Rare’s Sea of Thieves finally comes to Steam and has already a top-selling title on the platform. The multiplayer sandbox title is set in a world of pirates and encourages hunting for treasure as much as looting other players. Sea of...
  2. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves Will Get Xbox Series X Enhancements, Rare Confirms

    Backward compatibility is something that Xbox Series X is banking on hard, and that’s been instantly apparent in all of Microsoft’s communications about the console over the past year. Most recently, they spoke once again about how the system will be able to run games from the libraries of all...
  3. Heaven__

    Sea Of Thieves Comes To Steam June 3rd

    Sea of Thieves is the latest game from Rare and was, in many ways, the canary in the coalmine for Microsoft with their Game Pass service. The game was the first major title from the company to launch day and date on Game Pass alongside its regular release. It’s been successful, though, having...
  4. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves – Ships of Fortune Update Out on April 22nd

    Rare’s Sea of Thieves will see its Ships of Fortune update landing later this month. As revealed on Inside Xbox, it will expand on the different Trading Companies in-game, allowing players to become Emissaries. A new company is coming though and its sole purpose is to harvest the others. Check...
  5. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves PC Confirmed for Steam

    Though it’s currently available to play on PC via the Microsoft Store, Rare’s Sea of Thieves is also coming to Steam. No release date, outside of “coming soon”, or price has been provided. It will also include cross-platform play between Windows 10, Steam and Xbox One players. Sea of Thieves...
  6. Heaven__

    Rare Replay Now on Xbox Game Pass, Torment: Tides of Numenera and Goat Simulator Coming Soon

    Microsoft has announced four new games for its Xbox Game Pass service, two which are available right now. These are Capcom’s Resident Evil: Revelations and Rare Replay, the latter being a collection of 30 classic Rare games. You can download and play them right now if you’re currently subscribed...
  7. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves Will Have Optional Crossplay, More Fluid Combat

    Sea of Thieves, Rare’s shared world pirate exploration game, has been enjoying a nice resurgence as of late. With the next expansion The Arena focusing on competitive PvP, the development team is taking time to refine the combat. More importantly, it will look into making cross-platform play...
  8. Heaven__

    Xbox’s First Party Is Unpredictable and Exciting For The First Time In Years- What Can We Expect From It?

    Arguably the most important announcement at Microsoft’s E3 show this year was their announcement that they had doubled their slate of first party studios. I mean, yes, they announced a new Halo, a bunch of new Gears games, a new Forza, showed off more of Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3, yes they...
  9. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves’ Major Content Update ‘The Hungering Deep’ Release Date Revealed Along With New Trailer

    We had announced last week that we would have a release date for Sea of Thieves’ new content update known as The Hungering Deep by now. Well, the release date is here and it is May 29 which means that we’ll be seeing it fairly soon! Along with the announcement of the release date, a new trailer...
  10. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves Complete Guide: Character Customization, Voyages, Trading Companies, Animal Locations, And More

    in the game so makes sure you get the correct type to earn your reward. The real challenge begins when trying to transport these animals on your ship as they get sick easily and may run out of oxygen. For this reason, you’ll have to constantly keep an eye on them to make sure they’re alright...
  11. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves Gets Incredible Launch Trailer to Commemorate Release

    After a very long time, Sea of Thieves is finally here- the game launches tomorrow worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, and to celebrate the impending release, Microsoft has shared a new launch trailer for the game- a trailer that very literally releases the kraken. Apart from the kraken...
  12. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves Specs for PC Version Revealed

    Sea of Thieves, Rare’s new upcoming shared world pirate themed action adventure game, is almost here- and in spite of the skepticism surrounding the title (Rare hasn’t ever made a multiplayer game, Rare hasn’t made a non-Kinect game in a decade, Rare hasn’t made an actually well received game in...
  13. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves New Video Shares ‘Top 10 Things You Need To Know’ About The Game

    Sea of Thieves New Video Shares ‘Top 10 Things You Need To Know’ About The Game Time for a recap before we get the next onslaught of media on the game. I discussed yesterday the dangers of overexposure for eagerly anticipated games- it was done in reference to Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves...
  14. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves Continues To Look Gorgeous In New Trailer

    Sea of Thieves Continues To Look Gorgeous In New Trailer The tech behind Sea of Thieves, explained. Rare’s Sea of Thieves looks like the comeback story of a lifetime. After almost a decade of the studio slowly sliding into irrelevance, thanks to increasingly misguided and middling projects...



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