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rainbow six quarantine

  1. Heaven__

    Rainbow Six Quarantine Beta Signup Is Now Live

    Rainbow Six Siege has ended up being a massive success for Ubisoft, and an example of what the GaaS (Games as a Service) model can achieve with the proper amount of time and adjustment. The pseudo-spin off, Rainbow Six Quarantine, was announced at this year’s E3. We don’t know a whole lot about...
  2. Heaven__

    Rainbow Six Quarantine Is A PvE Co-op Sci-Fi Shooter, Out In Early 2020

    Rainbow Six Quarantine was among the many Ubisoft announcements that got leaked before their E3 show was off the ground- at their show, Ubisoft, of course, officially unveiled and announced the game. Take a look at the reveal trailer below. It’s decidedly space-themed, and those freaky screeches...



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