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rage 2

  1. Heaven__

    RAGE 2’s Second Expansion, TerrorMania, Launches November 14

    RAGE 2 came out earlier in the year to give us plenty of mayhem and destruction in the wasteland. The fun didn’t end at the base game as expansions and updates have come out since then, with the last big one being the Rise of the Ghosts expansion, But it’s not over quite yet, as the second...
  2. Heaven__

    RAGE 2: Rise of the Ghosts Releases on September 26th

    Despite the somewhat mixed critical reception it received, Avalanche Studios and id Software continue to support RAGE 2. Its paid expansion Rise of the Ghosts is confirmed to launch on September 26th and will feature a new enemy faction to fight. These are the Ghosts who went into seclusion...
  3. Heaven__

    RAGE 2’s First Major Update Brings New Cheat Codes, Replayable Bandit Camps, And More

    The wasteland shooter, RAGE 2, finally came out last month and it’s proven to be a wild run through the post-apocalypse (see our take on the game here). Now it’s got its first major update since release, and it brings a lot with it including new cheats, some gameplay improvements and a lot more...
  4. Heaven__

    Google Stadia’s Initial Games Revealed – Mortal Kombat 11, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Borderlands 3 and More

    The wait is over and Google Stadia’s prices have finally been revealed. You can pay $129.99 for a Founder’s Edition that includes Chromecast Ultra, a limited edition controller, Destiny 2: The Collection and a three month subscription to Stadia Pro. Stadia Pro on its own will cost $9.99 per...
  5. Heaven__

    RAGE 2 Guide – Where To Find The BFG 9000?

    The BFG 9000 – you know it, you love it and it’s one of the most iconic weapons in gaming. It’s also in RAGE 2, owing to id Software’s involvement with the title. Unfortunately, you can’t just visit some random Ark and pick it up. So how do you obtain the BFG 9000? First, you’ll need the Deluxe...
  6. Heaven__

    RAGE 2’s Complete Content Roadmap Revealed, Two Paid Expansions Out By Fall

    RAGE 2 might not be a games-as-a-service title, but the developers have promised that they’ll be supporting it with constant content updates after it’s been released. They’ve now taken to Twitter through the game’s official handle to detail exactly what that content is going to be, and when we...
  7. Heaven__

    Top 10 Game Releases of May 2019

    It’s another month without a bevy of blockbusters. Thankfully, even if open world first person shooters aren’t your thing, there’s still plenty to look forward to. From plague survival stories to space station dramas, let’s take a look at the top games releasing in May. RAGE 2 Easily the...
  8. Heaven__

    RAGE 2 Lets Us Know Exactly What Kind of Game It Is With New Trailer

    At this point, it’s fair to say we’ve formed a good idea what kind of game RAGE 2 will be, thanks largely to its wild past trailers that have detailed its goofy sense of humor and the massive amount of guns the game will have. In case anyone was still asking, though, Bethesda have released a new...
  9. Heaven__

    RAGE 2 Has “A Strong Story Component”

    From everything that we’ve seen of it so far, RAGE 2 is looking like a perfect open world sandbox, one that hands out ridiculous powers, weapons, and abilities to players freely, with which we can wreak havoc in its post apocalyptic wasteland. However, according to the developers themselves, the...
  10. Heaven__

    PSN The Last of Us 2 Now Listed Under “Coming Soon” on PSN Alongside Other 2019 Titles

    While Sony nor Naughty Dog has mentioned The Last of Us Part II release date yet, some people (including this guy) is expecting the game to be Sony’s big (and possibly last) holiday game of 2019. Well, it seems we might be getting it this year, if the latest image from Sony’s PlayStation Store...
  11. Heaven__

    RAGE 2’s Underground Environments, Ability Trees Revealed in New Video

    id Software’s RAGE 2 was on display during Bethesda’s second Game Day at PAX East 2019. Though the panel went on for a couple of hours, new gameplay showcasing the first person shooter’s underground environments was showcased. Check it out below at the timestamp. Venturing underground will give...
  12. Heaven__

    RAGE 2, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, DOOM Eternal, And Fallout 76 Will All Launch On Steam As Well

    Taking a leaf out of Microsoft’s book, Bethesda has announced on Twitter that, in addition to offering its eagerly anticipated upcoming first party games on its own Bethesda.Net launcher, it will also be offering them on Steam. This means that Wolfenstein: Youngblood, RAGE 2, and yes, DOOM...
  13. Heaven__

    E3 Bethesda E3 2019 Presser Announced for June 9th

    Bethesda Softworks has dated its fifth annual E3 showcase. Scheduled for June 9th at 5:30 PM PT, the publisher has promised an in-depth look at DOOM Eternal along with “much, much more”. The theme this year is “Be Together” and as such there will be more fans invited. More information on the...
  14. Heaven__

    RAGE 2 “Wasteland Superhero” Trailer is Excelsior Personified

    Bethesda’s RAGE 2 is out in the next few months but there’s still so much we’ve yet to see about the open world. The latest trailer reveals that The Authority is back and causing trouble for everyone. But it also sees the protagonist, the so-called “Wasteland Superhero” doling out justice. Check...
  15. Heaven__

    RAGE 2 Factions Are Full of Terrible But Awesome People

    RAGE 2 is promising to be largely different from its predecessor. Where the 2010 title was dominated by hues of brown and, uh, darker brown, the upcoming sequel looks vast, varied, and full of colour and personality. That, of course, extends to people that inhabit the game’s post-apocalyptic...



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