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  1. Heaven__

    PSN Graphics Are No Longer The Sole Selling Point For A New Console

    This really shouldn’t be a controversial opinion, but I imagine it will be. Here we go: we are far past the point where graphics matter as a sole or singular selling point. This applies to both, games – hardly anyone is purchasing a game simply on the merit of graphics at this point, and the...
  2. Heaven__

    PSN PS5 Will Be A “Niche” Product, Focus Is On Exclusives – Report

    Sony has always placed an extensive focus on appealing to the “hardcore” gaming audiences with its consoles, which is something it looks to achieve not just with excellent third party support from both indies and big budget AAA publishers, but also with its own impressive lineup of PlayStation...
  3. Heaven__

    Rainbow Six Siege Is Coming to Next-Gen Consoles, Sequel Currently Not Planned by Ubisoft

    Ubisoft has confirmed that the highly popular first-person-shooter, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting ported over to the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox! Yes, that means Rainbow Six Siege PS5 and Xbox Two (?) versions are being worked on as we speak. Speaking with the Dailystar, Rainbow...
  4. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation VR 2 Could Have Multiple Models, Gaze Tracking Technology

    Everyone has their focus on the PlayStation 5 on the Sony front in regards to next generation console talk, so it can be easy to forget that Sony is really crafting two different systems for next gen. It’s understandable since the PlayStation VR kind of inhabits its own little bubble for now...
  5. Heaven__

    PSN PS5 and PS4 Crossplay Confirmed Using Backwards Compatibility According to Sony

    With early official details regarding the PS5 confirming that the next-gen console will indeed feature backwards compatibility, some might be wondering how this will work in terms of multiplayer games. Well, Sony has casually confirmed that PS5 and PS4 crossplay is indeed a reality for next gen...
  6. Heaven__

    The Microsoft and Sony Collaboration Has Many Important Implications For The Future Of Gaming

    The big news of this week, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, is Microsoft and Sony partnering up. PlayStation and Xbox joining forces to explore a strategic partnership—not necessarily in the way you think, mind you. They’re basically partnering on cloud tech and AI, which...
  7. Heaven__

    PSN Sony’s Decision To Come Clean With Information About The PS5 Was Genius – Should Microsoft Follow?

    Unexpectedly, out of nowhere, Sony released some information about the upcoming PS5 earlier this week via an interview with renowned tech outlet WIRED. While they were careful to keep things vague—they wouldn’t even commit to calling the console the PS5 yet, instead opting to use the more...
  8. Heaven__

    PSN PS5 Will Have An SSD, Almost 19 Times Faster Than PS4

    Mark Cerny recently revealed a great deal of new information on the next generation of PlayStation when he sat down for a conversation with Wired. We’ve been able to learn a lot about its specs, its support for backwards compatibility, and whether or not it will support PlayStation VR. But the...
  9. Heaven__

    Death Stranding Could Be Coming to PS5 – Rumour

    Sony’s PlayStation 5 received a number of new details today including confirmed PlayStation VR support, specs and much more. However, one interesting bit came up when Wired spoke to lead system architect Mark Cerny about backwards compatibility. Cerny said that the transition from PlayStation 4...
  10. Heaven__

    What Does Google Stadia Tell Us About The PS5 And Xbox Scarlett Specs?

    Yes, it’s finally happening. For nearly a decade, ever sine OnLive rolled out its (poorly received) game streaming service to limited success, subscription-based cloud gaming has made the journey from overhyped gimmick to practical reality. And now, with Google having announced the Stadia cloud...
  11. Heaven__

    Gran Turismo 7 Could Have More Offline Gameplay, Says Series Producer

    Gran Turismo Sport was a bit of a departure from the series so far in its sheer emphasis on online gameplay. Gran Turismo Sport eschews the traditional content-driven style of previous games, emphasizing, mostly, an eSports style paradigm, with players racing online, often in officially...
  12. Heaven__

    Sony Knows VR/AR Is The Future, PS5 Will Support It, Says Dev

    Virtual reality is a burgeoning pocket of our industry, but clearly, it’s one that holds a lot of potential. Sony has been making strides with PSVR, and it goes without saying that that is an area they will continue to focus on by the time the PS5 rolls around. What about Microsoft though? In...
  13. Heaven__

    Backward Compatibility Could Allow Sony To Retain Their Dominance With PS5

    The PS4 may be doing great, but the PS5 is on the horizon. As Sony knows, perhaps better than anyone, a new generation can often mark a total and complete reset. Sure, Sony may have dominated this generation (though by the end, the Switch was giving them a good run for their money), but the next...
  14. Heaven__

    PS5 And Next Xbox Will Likely Have 8 to 12GB of RAM, Says Hellpoint Dev

    But an additional 8GB of VRAM, which means total memory available will be 16-20GB. With rumors of next generation consoles beginning to heat up, questions abound about what exactly we may expect from the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Microsoft and Sony both try to achieve major hardware...
  15. Heaven__

    Sony Files Patent For A Controller With A Touch Screen, Possibly for PS5

    A patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment with the United States Patent Office on October 16 might be hinting at what the controller for the PS5 might look like. Based on how it’s described, it sounds a lot like the DualShock 4, except with one significant change- it might have a touch...
  16. Heaven__

    8 Villains We Expect To See In Spider-Man 2

    Alot’s been said about Spider-Man and its loving and respectful adaptation of the famous wallcrawler and everything to do with him, and it’s been said again and again. Mostly because it’s really true. Insomniac’s devotion to one of the world’s most popular superhero shines through in every inch...
  17. Heaven__

    AMD Created Navi Architecture Specifically FOR Sony and PS5- Report

    While Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a PS5 (unlike Microsoft, who revealed that an Xbox One successor is now under development at E3 last Sunday), there is little doubt that one is coming either way. Rumors and leaks have started to percolate, plus we’re at that time in the generation where...
  18. Heaven__

    E3 Todd Howard On The Elder Scrolls 6 Teaser: “There Are Some Things To Pick Apart”

    Among the many exciting announcements and announcement trailers revealed at E3 this year, one of the trailers that got the most attention was the announcement trailer for The Elder Scrolls VI. The teaser itself just showed us some scenery along with the game’s title, but it looks like there’s...
  19. Heaven__

    E3 The Elder Scrolls 6 Announced, First Ever Teaser Revealed

    We were lied to. We were told The Elder Scrolls 6 is so far away Bethesda doesn’t even want to talk about it. But we were lied to, because Bethesda talked about it. As the final announcement of their E3 show tonight, Bethesda confirmed that development on The Elder Scrolls 6 has now begun. Todd...
  20. Heaven__

    E3 Starfield is Already in a Playable State, The Elder Scrolls 6 Is Not- Todd Howard

    Last night, Bethesda closed their E3 presser with Todd Howard giving us a glimpse of what lies in the future for Bethesda Game Studios, the beloved developer of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout RPG franchises. And what lies beyond? Starfield, a brand new science fiction IP from the developer, and...



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