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  1. Heaven__

    Marvel’s Avengers Details Thor’s Combat Abilities And His “Pure Destructive Power”

    Over the past few weeks, Crystal Dynamics have been teasing out new information on the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, as they focus on each of the primary Avengers the game will launch with to detail their characters and their combat abilities. We’ve seen the spotlight being thrown on Captain...
  2. Heaven__

    Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown Trailer Showcases New Map, Charge Rifle

    The third season of Apex Legends is nearly here with Meltdown and it takes everyone’s favourite Legend to a new planet. On October 1st, you’ll explore World’s Edge, a new map on Talos which features lava and chemical ice (along with a train to fight on). And of course, newest Legend Crypto is...
  3. Heaven__

    Destiny 2 Free to Play Content Revealed, Includes Reckoning and Gambit Prime

    Bungie’s Destiny 2 is just a few days from going free to play with Destiny 2: New Light. We already know that the entirety of Year 1 content including the Red War campaign, Curse of Osiris and Warmind will be included. However, Bungie has gone into more detail about all the content that will be...
  4. Heaven__

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Guide – How to Find A Gold Creature, All Monster Locations and How to Kill Them

    Capcom’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is full of things to do and secrets to unearth. One of those is the Golden Macaque, a rare monkey that can appear near hot springs. Capturing it is necessary for getting the Golden Gleam Achievement/Trophy but how do you find one? First, leave your Palico...
  5. Heaven__

    Code Vein Guide – 7 Beginners Tips And Tricks To Keep In Mind While Playing

    Te Souls-like genre sees news releases very frequently now, with developers attempting to adapt its core mechanics and put their ow unique twists on it. The most recent studio to through its hat into the Souls-like ring is Bandai Namco, who aim to converge the genre’s trappings with an anime...
  6. Heaven__

    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Gameplay Reveals First Story Mission, Patrols, and More

    It’s only a few days to go before Bungie’s Destiny 2 receives its latest expansion Shadowkeep. Taking place on the Moon, players are called to investigate a disturbance created by the Hive. This culminates in the discovery of the Scarlet Keep which players must investigate. The first story...
  7. Heaven__

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer Features Boss Fights and Second Sister

    Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order received a new gameplay trailer today, showcasing Cal Kestis teaming up with some allies to battle the Empire. We also see more of the Second Sister, a Jedi-hunting agent of the Inquisitorius. Check out the trailer below. We see a bit more of...
  8. Heaven__

    Layers Of Fear 2 Adds Safe Mode

    Blobber Team just released their latest game, Blair Witch. Based on the popular film of the same name, the game manages to capture the feel of those movies pretty well. But it seems they aren’t done with their previous titles just yet. The game they released before Blair Witch, Layers of Fear 2...
  9. Heaven__

    Destiny 2 Steam Pre-Load is Now Live

    The time has finally come for PC Guardians – the pre-load for Destiny 2 has gone live on Steam. It’s reportedly 79 GB so clear up some space on your hard drive. Also keep in mind that this is just the base Steam version aka New Light without the launch day patch. Destiny 2: New Light and...
  10. Heaven__

    Code Vein Shows Off Blade Bearer And Canoneer Double Boss Fight

    Code Vein is coming at the end of this week, and it’s bringing its anime-infused take on the Souls formula with it. Like a lot of these games, bosses play a big part in things, and during Inside Xbox we got a look at now one, but two, tough looking bosses. The teaser was very brief, only...
  11. Heaven__

    Shenmue 3 Backer Trial on PC Starts This Weekend

    After promising as much, especially following the game’s delay to November, Ys Net has confirmed a PC backer trial for Shenmue 3 coming this weekend. The trial will allow players to explore Bailu Village. It’s only for a day but you can keep replaying it to experience everything. An email will...
  12. Heaven__

    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Packs Tanks, Old Foes and More Into Launch Trailer

    Bungie’s launch trailer for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now live, offering a taste of some of the dangers inherent. Of course, the classic Destiny writing shines through as Eris Morn tells you to become “that thing that goes bump in the night.” Check it out below. Players return to the Moon where...
  13. Heaven__

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign Trailer Promises Stellar Visuals and Intense Storytelling

    Even without the ongoing multiplayer beta, we’ve had a whole lot of information on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer component. What many have been more curious to see more of is the game’s campaign, which is promising to take the series in an interesting new direction. Infinity Ward...
  14. Heaven__

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Cooperation Update Brings Instant Action, Co-Op and More

    DICE continues to update Star Wars Battlefront 2, bringing a new planet Felucia from the Clone Wars Saga along with a new reinforcement in the Clone Commando. The Cooperation Update will drop on September 25th and the developer has outlined all the new content that can be expected in its latest...
  15. Heaven__

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Microtransactions, Battle Rewards System Detailed

    Much like its predecessor, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will have microtransactions. However, the loot box-like crates are going away in favour of more direct purchases. As per the official site, there are two currencies – Skell Credits and Ghost Coins. The former is earned by playing the...
  16. Heaven__

    Troy: A Total War Saga Preview Teases Conflict

    The Creative Assembly announced its next iteration in the Total War Saga recently with Troy. Releasing in 2020, the strategy title will cover the Trojan War as Greece and Troy battle over Helen. Those curious about the gameplay can check out the recent preview video from PCGamesN, which...
  17. Heaven__

    Borderlands 3 Post Game Guide – How To Quickly Farm Eridium, Cash And Legendary Weapons

    In a looter shooter like Borderlands 3, farming is of the utmost performance. Efficiency is also a big deal – how do you get the most money, Eridium and Legendary Weapons in the quickest times possible? Worry not because several farming methods have already been discovered. Mayhem Mode will also...
  18. Heaven__

    Borderlands 3 PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X vs PC Graphics Comparison, Frame Rate Test, And More

    Borderlands 3 arrived last week, shouldering the tremendous weight of expectation that any followup to 2012’s legendary Borderlands 2 would’ve had to bear. Is it a better game? In a word, yes, it absolutely is. If you loved Borderlands 2, you will adore Borderlands 3. It’s bigger and better in...
  19. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Launch Trailer Promises Weighty Combat and Glorious Violence

    2017’s The Surge was a solid sci-fi take on the Souls-like genre, but there was still plenty that it left to be desired. With the upcoming sequel though, it looks like Deck13 might just make good on the potential of the first game. And with its release right around the corner, publishers Focus...
  20. Heaven__

    Apex Legends Season 3 Is Titled “Meltdown” And Begins October 1

    Apex Legends had a pretty successful second season (though it wasn’t without its controversies), but you have to move quickly nowadays, and we’re already on the verge of the game’s third season. Today we got some details on when the season will start and what it will hold. Electronic Arts and...



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