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  1. Heaven__

    PC beta for Dark Souls-like Mortal Shell now open to all

    The developer of Dark Souls-like Mortal Shell has opened the PC beta to all. The game is available to download from the Epic Games Store, where it went into closed beta this week. "We expected demand but nothing like this," developer Cold Symmetry said in a tweet. "We really didn't want so...
  2. Heaven__

    Star Wars: Squadrons – Cosmetics Visibility, HUD, and More Will Be Customizable

    Star Wars: Squadrons is positioning itself to be the perfect game for people who have, for your, fantasized about sitting inside the cockpit of TIE Fighters or X-Wings or what have you, and the game is going to have customizability that will let you go in on that as hard or easy as you want...
  3. Heaven__

    Killing Floor 2, The Escapists 2, And Lifeless Planet Will Be Free Next Week On Epic Games Store

    One thing that you can’t say about the gaming world today is that there is a lack of free things being given away. Between the various subscription services, giveaways and just the random deals that get thrown to us anymore, there exists a sea of free games. One of those outputs is the Epic...
  4. Heaven__

    The Medium Takes Influence From Silent Hill And Is A Story About How ‘Nothing Is Simple’

    It’s always fun when a game can sneak up on you out of nowhere, and I think it’s fair to say that The Medium was one of those titles. Being unveiled at May’s Inside Xbox event, it was one of the next generation only titles that was unveiled. The trailer was a spooky one, and developer Bloober...
  5. Heaven__

    Destroy All Humans! Celebrates 4th Of July With Dependence Day Trailer

    The 4th of July is often a time for Americans that include fireworks, grilling time with friends and family. For many, this year will obviously be quite different between the COVID-19 outbreak still ravaging large parts of the country as well as the unemployment it’s bringing. But still, almost...
  6. Heaven__

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Documentary, “Pretending I’m A Superman,” Releases August 18th

    The late ’90s were a time when video games were exploding into the mainstream, and at the same time so was the hobby of skateboarding. It’s hard to describe what it was like when those two things found themselves merging with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The game would release in 1999 for the...
  7. Heaven__

    Call Of Duty: Warzone Gets Limited Time Juggernaut Royale Mode

    While it seems this year we’ll have to wait a bit longer than usual for news on the annual Call of Duty release, that’s okay, because last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still doing well for itself, and that definitely includes the battle royale offshoot, Warzone. That mode has managed...
  8. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta Date Coming on July 9th

    We’ve seen all kinds of gorgeous screenshots for Microsoft Flight Simulator but today, Asobo Studio offered some news on the closed beta. More specifically, it revealed the date for when it would announce the closed beta’s release date, which is July 9th. The developer didn’t provide any more...
  9. Heaven__

    Horizon Zero Dawn Is Coming to PC on August 7; System Requirements Revealed

    Sony have confirmed in March that Guerrilla Games’ 2017 open world action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn would be releasing for PC this Summer, and they have now confirmed its exact release date. Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition will be available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7...
  10. Heaven__

    Ubisoft Hypes Up Upcoming Ubisoft Forward Showcase With New Teaser

    Ubisoft announced their E3-style showcase, called Ubisoft Forward, a couple of months ago, and with the show’s July 12 premiering edging closer, the company has released a short teaser trailer to kick the hype into gear. It shows glimpses of what we can assume are the games we’ll be seeing at...
  11. Heaven__

    Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens DLC is Live

    Mojang’s first major DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is now available for all platforms. Jungle Awakens provides a new storyline about the Orb of Dominance or at least a shard of its remains that’s landed in a jungle. The player thus ventures to the area to find out what’s going on. Check out the...
  12. Heaven__

    Cyberpunk 2077 Will Support Only DX12 On PC

    This makes it only available for Windows 7 and 10 currently. A lot has been said about Cyberpunk 2077, from its cool and unique setting to the vast amount of freedoms you’ll have in general. But the game is also looking to be a technical marvel all around. As usually is the case, high-end PCs...
  13. Heaven__

    Hellpoint Releases on July 30th for All Platforms

    Cradle Games’ Hellpoint has a new release date. The action RPG, which was delayed to Q2 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will now release on July 30th. Check out the latest release date trailer below which showcases the game’s co-op mechanics. Hellpoint takes place in the far future where the...
  14. Heaven__

    F1 2020 Features Trailer Reveals New Podium Pass System

    The regular Formula One season may have been derailed but Codemasters’ F1 2020 is still on track for release. The latest in the storied racing franchise brings a whole new slate of features, big and small. A new trailer highlights these in a less than two minutes. Check it out below. My Team...
  15. Heaven__

    Outriders Broadcast Showcases New Environments, Side Quests, Pyromancer and More

    A new broadcast became available for People Can Fly’s Outriders, with the development team venturing outside of the First City. We got to see several new environments, including frozen wastes and jungle levels, along with a few new features. Check it out below. One of the new features includes...
  16. Dermot

    Worms Rumble Revealed For Playstation and PC

    Team17 has revealed the first details of Worms Rumble, the brand-new instalment in the iconic and multi-award-winning Worms franchise, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Announced today for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and PC, and set for a late 2020 launch, Worms Rumble will be...
  17. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Switch Debut Trailer Leaks

    Crysis Remastered is in line for its debut trailer reveal in less than a couple hours from now, but its full reveal has proven to be a leaky ship. Recently, a listing of the game prematurely went live with details about its release date and more on the Microsoft store, and now, it’s the Nintendo...
  18. Heaven__

    Trackmania Trailer Highlights Community Creativity

    Ubisoft Nadeo’s Trackmania reboot is out today and goes the subscription route for those who want their fix of racing action. While it will have 25 tracks at launch for free, the real highlight of these games is the community content. To that end, a new trailer showcases the kind of creativity...
  19. Heaven__

    F1 2020 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

    F1 2020 is a Formula One racing simulation game developed and published by Codemasters, and the officially licensed game of the sporting event. Development F1 2020 was announced by Codemasters in April 2020, along with new information released on the improvements made to the career mode and the...
  20. Heaven__

    Resident Evil Village Has a Bigger Focus on Exploration Than Any Other Game in the Series – Rumour

    Capcom will be hoping to enter next-gen with a bang, with Resident Evil Village now confirmed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X (after months of leaks). Already, quite a few details have been confirmed for the upcoming sequel, with many of them falling in line with previous leaks with almost...



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