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pc gaming

  1. Heaven__

    Continuing Our PC Gaming Journey in 2021 and Beyond

    We’ve talked often about our “player-first” approach to gaming over the last few years. In the past, that may have meant different things to different people, especially for those who identified strongly with being a console gamer, a PC gamer, or a mobile gamer. If you were to walk the (virtual)...
  2. BattleBornn

    My name is Luke from cork

    My name is Luke. 29 from cork city. I will soon be returning to world of Warcraft and legions and other pc games so add me if you like
  3. Heaven__

    Discord Announces It Will Open Curated Storefront and Start Selling PC Games

    The popular PC chat program Discord is going to grow– it will now not only be the one stop chat solution that PC (and sometimes even console!) gamers use to stay in touch and voice chat, but also be a storefront and launcher for selling PC games. However, there’s going to be a difference between...



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