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  1. Heaven__

    Mario Strikers: Battle League Trailers Showcase Hyper Strikes, Gear Customization, and More

    Developed by Next Level Games, the arcade-style football title releases on June 10th for Nintendo Switch and features 10 playable characters. Next Level Games’ Mario Strikers: Battle League is just a few weeks away so naturally, Nintendo has released four short new trailers. Two of them are a...
  2. Heaven__

    Splatoon 3’s Angle Shooter is Looking Like One of its More Interesting New Weapons

    The Angle Shooter is a new sub-weapon that will mark enemies with its rebound shots and allow players to pin them down for further damage. Since announcing Splatoon 3’s release date a month ago, Nintendo has been sharing new tidbits on the shooter on Twitter. Having revealed plenty of new...
  3. Heaven__

    Nintendo Switch Tops Hardware Sales in US for April 2022, Lifetime Sales Surpass PS4

    It's the fourth highest unit-selling console in US history and the sixth best unit-selling video game hardware overall, as per The NPD Group. In The NPD Group’s April 2022 report (via VentureBeat) for video game spending in the US, the Nintendo Switch was confirmed as the top-selling console...
  4. Heaven__

    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on May 20th

    Released in 2000, the 3D platformer sees Kirby venturing to six different planets to retrieve the Crystal Shards and battle Dark Matter. Nintendo has announced that Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online on May 20th. A subscription to Nintendo Switch Online +...
  5. Heaven__

    Nintendo Switch Online Will “Continue to Expand Throughout the Year”

    Recent leaks have heavily suggested that Nintendo will be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to the service's library. Nintendo Switch Online hasn’t exactly blown anyone away in the time that it’s been around, but the subscription service still continues to see slow but steady growth...
  6. Heaven__

    Nintendo Indie World Showcase Confirmed for Tomorrow

    Airing at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET, it will provide 20 minutes of new information on upcoming indie titles for the Nintendo Switch. As leaked by insider Emily Rogers, Nintendo will be hosting a new Indie World Showcase tomorrow at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET. It will provide 20 minutes of details on upcoming...
  7. Heaven__

    Mario Strikers: Battle League’s Full Character Roster Has Been Revealed

    Nintendo reveals Mario Strikers: Battle League will launch with 10 playable characters, with some notable omissions. Mario Strikers: Battle League is going to be the first new Mario Strikers game in a long, long time, so it goes without saying that fans are more than a little excited to dive...
  8. Heaven__

    Mario Strikers: Battle League Overview Trailer Details Modes, Characters, and More

    Next Level Games and Nintendo's bombastic football game is out this June, and gets a new trailer to go over its key features. The wait for a new Mario Strikers game has been a long one, but the next installment in Nintendo’s over-the-top football series is arriving soon with Mario Strikers...
  9. Heaven__

    Splatoon 3 Receives Brief New Details on Multiplayer Customization

    Nintendo has dropped some brief new details on nameplate customization in the upcoming Splatoon 3's multiplayer component. Splatoon 3 is set to come out this September, and while it will, of course, have a single player campaign and feature the return of the co-op mode Salmon Run, the primary...
  10. Heaven__

    Nintendo Switch Sports is Out Now, Launch Trailer Revealed

    Play sports like Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Bowling, Volleyball and Chambara on the Switch with support for local and online multiplayer. Nintendo’s latest entry in its sports series is now available with Nintendo Switch Sports. Like the Wii Sports titles of old, players can use the Joy-Con...
  11. Heaven__

    Kirby and the Forgotten Land Trailer Highlights Strong Critical Reception

    Kirby has been a Nintendo mainstay for as long as the franchise has been around, but the beloved platforming series took one of its most significant steps forward earlier this year. Kirby and the Forgotten Land launched exclusively for the Switch roughly a month ago, representing the first time...
  12. Heaven__

    Splatoon 3 Launches on September 9th, New Turf War Gameplay Revealed

    Along with the 4v4 mode, the Nintendo Switch title features a new single-player campaign and co-op PvE with Salmon Run: The Next Wave. Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced that Splatoon 3 will be releasing on September 9th for the Nintendo Switch. On top of this, it released new gameplay...
  13. Heaven__

    Splatoon 2 Owners Subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Can Play the Octo Expansion for Free

    In preparation of Splatoon 3's launch, Nintendo is giving away Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion for free to all base game owners subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. Nintendo has finally unveiled a concrete release date for Splatoon 3, and with the shooter out in just a few short...
  14. Heaven__

    New Nintendo Patent Seems to Hint at Mini-Map Improvements in Splatoon 3

    A recent Nintendo patent talks about various improvements to in-game mini-maps, making several overt references to Splatoon. Details on Splatoon 3 have been scant for some time, but with the game still expected to launch sometime this year, there’s obviously plenty of hunger for new...
  15. Heaven__

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Nintendo Accidentally Reveals Gorgeous New Key Art

    Nintendo recently accidentally unveiled new key art for the upcoming open world action RPG, showing six characters instead of two. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was easily one of the biggest new announcements in the Nintendo Direct presentation in February, but since its announcement, new details on...
  16. Heaven__

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Might Receive New Details Next Week

    Variety show PokéDoko claims it will have the "latest information on Pokemon games" soon, suggesting an update could be around the corner. It’s been a few weeks since The Pokemon Company officially announced the ninth generation of mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Due out...
  17. Heaven__

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Features the Return of Reaction Commands in Combat

    Director Tetsuya Nomura says the development team brought back the mechanic after "a lot of requests" for its return. Square Enix shocked many fans (and non-fans) when it announced a new mainline Kingdom Hearts title. Developed on Unreal Engine 5, Kingdom Hearts 4 takes place in the world of...
  18. Heaven__

    Mario Golf is Now Available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Subscribers

    The beloved golfing sim is finally playable on Nintendo Switch, complete with 14 characters, 10 modes, various courses and multiplayer. As announced by Nintendo last week, Camelot Software’s acclaimed golfing sim Mario Golf from the Nintendo 64 era is now available for Nintendo Switch Online +...
  19. Heaven__

    Nintendo Switch Sports Shows More Gameplay in New Trailer

    Nintendo Switch Sports is launching later this month, on April 29, and Nintendo continues to ramp up its marketing. Nintendo Switch Sports will see a window of less than three months between its announcement earlier this year and its imminent launch later this month, but that short window...
  20. Heaven__

    Mario Golf Coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on April 15th

    The 1999 classic features 14 characters from the Mario series, 10 different modes, six championship courses and multiplayer support. The next Nintendo 64 title coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has been announced and it’s Mario Golf. Released in 1999 and developed by Camelot...



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