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naughty dog

  1. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Includes 60 Different Options for Accessibility

    Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 has commanded a lot of attention over the past month, whether it’s due to leaks or the recent State of Play with its gameplay showcase. The game is only a few weeks away but there’s still a lot we don’t know. For instance, as indicated in a new interview from...
  2. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 – 10 New Things We Learned

    Sony and Naughty Dog recently decided to help make the wait for The Last of Us Part 2 a little easier by treating fans to nearly 25 minutes of new details and gameplay footage in a dedicated State of Play broadcast. Much of the presentation essentially summarized many details that have already...
  3. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Continues To Look Spectacular In New Gameplay Deep Dive

    We are now in the final stretch of days leading up to the long-anticipated release of The Last of Us Part 2, and to help tide us over until that day finally arrives, in a new State of Play broadcast, Naughty Dog and Sony dove into the action adventure title to give us a deep look into its...
  4. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

    The Last of Us Part 2 is an action adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. Development Development on The Last of Us Part 2 began in 2014, shortly after the launch of The Last of Us Remastered on the PS4. Key members involved in the first game return for the...
  5. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 State of Play Announced for May 27th

    Naughty Dog has been going behind the scenes with development on The Last of Us Part 2, showcasing the story-telling and gameplay in a new video series. But there’s even more inbound – Sony has announced a State of Play dedicated to the PS4 exclusive. It will air on May 27th at 1 PM PT on Twitch...
  6. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Video Breaks Down Gameplay Changes, Playing as Ellie

    Continuing its series on The Last of Us Part 2 which goes behind the scenes with development, Naughty Dog spoke more about its design choices for the gameplay in its latest video. Since Ellie is the protagonist, the development team wanted the player to actually feel like they were in her shoes...
  7. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 – 15 More Things You Need To Know

    With The Last of Us Part 2 less than a month away from release, the excitement surrounding its launch is palpable. Recently, we went over some of the biggest talking points from the game, but given how massive a release this is, it goes without saying that there’s still plenty more left to talk...
  8. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Video Delves Into Narrative and Themes

    The hype behind Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2, even after the massive leaks, is still very much palpable. Though it went gold a month before launch, Naughty Dog still has some new information to share. It recently launched a video series which goes into more detail about the game’s various...
  9. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Will Receive “More Exciting News” Before Launch

    With less than two months to go till The Last of Us Part 2’s highly anticipated release, Sony and Naughty Dog are preparing to properly kick the game’s marketing into gear. Recently, they released a new story-focused trailer for the action-adventure title (also showing brief glimpses of...
  10. Heaven__

    Can The Last of Us Part 2 Recapture Lightning In A Bottle Like The Original?

    That Naughty Dog is extremely talented is not news to anyone. The studio has ascended to being one of the foremost and premier developers in the industry, and its track record over the last decade and a half is as close to impeccable as is possible. The release of a new Naughty Dog game is...
  11. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Releases June 19, Ghost of Tsushima Follows On July 17

    Sony have provided updated release dates for two of their biggest upcoming PS4 releases, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 and Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, both of which are going to be out in the coming few months. The Last of Us Part 2, which was originally due out in May, was...
  12. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Amazon Listing Mentions June 26 Release Date

    Of all the games that have been delayed because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and there’s been more than a few), The Last of Us Part 2 is by far the biggest one- and it goes without saying that Naughty Dog and Sony want to sort that out and get the game out as quickly as possible. While...
  13. Heaven__

    It’s Time to Accept That Most Games Scheduled For 2020 May See Substantial Delays

    Sony announced earlier this week that the long anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 will be seeing yet another delay – this time, for an “indefinite” period of time. However, this delay is different than the kinds of delays that typically plague just about every big Sony first party release (and...
  14. Heaven__

    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed for PlayStation Plus in New Trailer

    Last week, a video leaked revealing that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Codemasters’ DiRT Rally 2.0 would be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April. Though the video has been taken down, Sony has now officially confirmed that both games are indeed free with the service next...
  15. Heaven__

    PAX 2020 The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and More Headline Sony’s PAX East 2020 Lineup

    Sony have unveiled the full list of all the PS4 games they will be bringing with them to PAX East later this month, which will all be playable for anyone in attendance. The biggest of the lot is one we already knew would be at the show- The Last of Us Part 2, which will be bringing an hour-long...
  16. Heaven__

    PAX 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 Will Have Hour-Long Demo at PAX East 2020

    Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 is still a ways off but PAX East 2020 attendees can get their hands on it early. Sony has announced that a demo called “Patrol”, which focuses on Ellie and Dina dealing with the Infected roaming the outskirts of Jackson, Wyoming, will be playable. The demo...
  17. Heaven__

    What Made Uncharted 2: Among Thieves One of the Best PlayStation Exclusive?

    Naughty Dog have seen a meteoric rise in popularity and stature over the last decade. They’ve always been considered as great developers, making their name with Crash Bandicoot and then building up their reputation with Jak and Daxter, but over the last ten years or so, they’ve ascended from...
  18. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 – Neil Druckmann Details the Shamblers

    Naughty Dog have, blessedly enough, been releasing a bunch of new information o the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 of late. Just recently, for instance, creative director Neil Druckmann spoke with the official PlayStation blog, where he also spoke about “hitting the limits of memory...
  19. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Is “Hitting the Limits of Memory and Computational Power” On PS4 – Naughty Dog

    Naughty Dog games never fail to impress on a technical front (and other fronts, for that matter), and for the past decade, each new game to come out of the studio has looked to push the envelope in terms of how good a console game can look. With the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2, Naughty Dog is...
  20. Heaven__

    The Last of Us Part 2 Will Have Many Accessibility Options, But Will Always Be A Tense Experience

    Video games have lately been making an admirable push for accessibility, to allow as many people to play them and enjoy them as possible. Just recently, Gears 5 was lauded for its accessibility features, and it seems that Naughty Dog are also going for something similar with the upcoming The...



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