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  1. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 – Delhi Sultanate Civilization and Norman Campaign Revealed

    The Age of Empires Fan Preview started off with a bang, showcasing the new civilization coming to Age of Empires 4 along with one of four new campaigns. The Delhi Sultanate makes it debut, having an advantage in research and technology. Meanwhile, the new campaign explores the conflict between...
  2. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 4 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Huge Battles, Naval Combat Teased

    To cap off the Age of Empires Fan Preview, a new gameplay trailer for Age of Empires 4 was released. It’s almost six minutes long and showcases numerous battles between the different civilizations, from the Delhi Sultanate and the English to the Mongols and Chinese. Check out the in-engine...
  3. Heaven__

    Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is Getting a New Expansion, Age of Empires 3 a New Civilization

    At their recent Age of Empires fan event, Microsoft and series developers World’s Edge spend a healthy chunk of time talking about the upcoming Age of Empires 4, detailing the new Delhi Sultanate civilization, the Chinese civilization, showing an impressive amount of new gameplay footage, and...
  4. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves – Season Two Starts April 15th, Skeleton Forts Teased

    Rare has released a new teaser for Sea of Thieves, confirming that Season Two of its pirate adventure begins on April 15th. The teaser didn’t offer much by way of concrete details, aside from showcasing new cosmetics and an emote for hiding in barrels. But Skeleton Forts may be involved in some...
  5. Heaven__

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced Comes To PS5, Xbox Series X/S On June 8

    Even with Microsoft now fully owning Bethesda, the wait is on for the next Elder’s Scrolls. No matter what ecosystem the game will be exclusive to, it looks like it’s going to be a very long wait. In the meantime, you can get your fix of the franchise with the ongoing MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls...
  6. Heaven__

    Microsoft Reveals Two New Controllers, Electric Volt And Daystrike Camo Special Edition, For Xbox Series X/S

    Microsoft launched not 1, but 2 different next generation consoles last November. The Xbox Series X and Series S were their steps into a new generation. For those who were lucky enough to get ahold of one (or even both, if you’re into that sort of thing), there’s a lot to play on both...
  7. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Gold Won’t be Required for Free to Play Titles, Party Chat

    Microsoft is preparing to remove the Xbox Live Gold requirement from free to play titles on Xbox. It will also no longer be required to access Looking 4 Groups and Party Chat. These changes are currently being flighted for Xbox Insiders and should be available to all players soon. They arrive...
  8. Heaven__

    Rumour Microsoft Is Working To Get Ubisoft Plus Added To Xbox Game Pass In Some Form

    As Microsoft has made their Xbox Game Pass the focus of their gaming division, they’ve done all they’ve could to increase the value of the service to allow its growth (and those that subscribe to it have apparently partaken). Now it seems, if rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is working hard...
  9. Heaven__

    Rumour Forza Horizon 5 Still on Track for 2021 Launch

    Microsoft announced the next Forza Motorsport game last year, which was why it came as such a surprise when leaks emerged claiming that before that game came out, Playground Games were ready to go with the next Forza Horizon. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb was who first claimed that Forza Horizon 5 was...
  10. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Might be About to Drop the “Live” Branding

    Microsoft have been making changes here and there to Xbox Live of late, including major ones like free-to-play games finally no longer requiring Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to be played offline, and it seems that more changes – though related to the Xbox Live branding this time – might be...
  11. Heaven__

    Xbox Cloud Gaming Isn’t “Very Far” From Being Available On iOS And PC

    Cloud gaming is something that is probably a good ways away from being viable for most people, but some companies are still very much going into that frontier. Sony with PlayStation Now and Google with Stadia, but maybe the most aggressive thus far has been Microsoft with their Cloud...
  12. Heaven__

    Age of Empires Event Confirmed for April 10

    True to recent leaks, Microsoft have announced an Age of Empires-focused event for April 10. Age of Empires: Fan Preview will be streamed on the day at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST, and you can expect plenty of major new updates to drop for the series. The highlight of the show, as you’d...
  13. Heaven__

    Phil Spencer Heavily Implies That Bethesda Games Will Only Be Available on Platforms With Game Pass

    It appears that those who are fans of games published by Bethesdam you really don’t have a choice now but to either get an Xbox (if you haven’t gotten one already), or build a good enough PC gaming rig, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer has seemingly laid down the law when it comes to Bethesda games...
  14. Heaven__

    20 Bethesda Games Are Coming to Game Pass Tomorrow

    With news of Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition now finalized, the company has announced an onslaught of games arriving to their subscription service Game Pass. Here are the 20 Bethesda games that are coming to Game Pass tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass service will...
  15. Heaven__

    Microsoft Confirms Some Bethesda Titles Will Be “Exclusive to Xbox & PC”

    With news that the big Microsoft and Bethesda deal is finally official, Microsoft has sent out a press release welcoming Bethesda into the fold! In that welcome note, the company confirmed that some Bethesda titles will be exclusive to the Xbox and PC. The eight studios acquired as part of the...
  16. Heaven__

    Xbox Has Many More FPS Boosted Titles Releasing Over Coming Months, Dragon Age Inquisition Reportedly Coming

    Microsoft has big plans for the FPS boost feature found on the Xbox Series S and X as it has been stated that many more titles will be added in the coming months, with possibly Dragon Age Inquisition coming. Speaking again in this week’s Podcast with Major Nelson, Senior Software Engineer Jason...
  17. Heaven__

    Official Xbox Wireless Headset Revealed, Doesn’t Require a Dongle

    It looks like Microsoft is entering the gaming accessory market in a big way as the official Xbox Wireless Headset has been revealed today, and this thing packs a wallop in terms of features! Priced at just $99, the headset will be available this March 16. The official Xbox Wireless...
  18. Heaven__

    Microsoft Plans to Merge Bethesda With Newly Formed Subsidiary Called ‘Vault’

    Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda is in the process of being approved by the authorities, and once that happens, the deal will finally be able to close. The EU have been looking into the deal, and have recently provided an update on the progress of the investigation. In a recently published...
  19. Heaven__

    Sea of Thieves – Season One is Live, New Trailer Highlights Rewards and New Activities

    Sea of Thieves’ first season is officially live as Rare’s multiplayer pirate adventure shifts towards a seasonal model. A new battle pass-style progression system has been implemented called the Plunder Pass which has 100 levels of rewards for all players to unlock. Check out the trailer below...
  20. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update 3 Coming Between February 9th and 11th

    The next World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has a release date – or rather, a release window. It’s out between February 9th and 11th according to Asobo Studio in a new live developer Q&A. This World Update will focus on the United Kingdom, delivering over 70 new points of interest...



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