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microsoft flight simulator

  1. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Fifth Local Legend is the Beechcraft Model 18, Available Now

    The fifth Local Legend coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator has been unveiled, and is available now in the in-game marketplace for $14.99. Microsoft has unveiled the fifth Local Legend aircraft making its way to Microsoft Flight Simulator—Beechcraft Model 18. The fifth Local Legend is...
  2. Heaven__

    Multiple Xbox Game Studios Titles Receive Steam Deck Verified Status, Halo Infinite and Gears 5 Still Incompatible

    Xbox Game Studios provides a rundown on the current support status of its titles on Steam Deck in a recent news update on Steam. The Steam Deck – despite its flaws – has proven to be a successful launch for Valve. Many games are already compatible with the hybrid handheld, but an equal number...
  3. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition is Out Now

    The free update adds new aircraft, World Updates, airports, and Discovery Flights along with new tutorials, an updated weather system and more. Asobo Studio’s Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition, an enhanced version of its hit flight sim, is now available. It’s a free update...
  4. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition Announced, Launches November 18

    The GOTY Edition will add new aircraft, airports, missions, tutorials, features, and much more when it launches for Xbox Series X/S and PC next month. Microsoft Flight Simulator brought Microsoft’s beloved franchise back from the dead with its PC launch last year, and turned out to be way...
  5. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is Available Now on Xbox Series X/S

    The widely acclaimed simulator has launched for the new Xbox consoles following its PC release last year, and Microsoft has released a launch trailer to celebrate its release. Microsoft Flight Simulator was met with widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike when it launched for PC...
  6. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Ascent Lead the List of Newest Additions to Xbox Game Pass

    Microsoft reveals the bevy of new games being added to the catalog of Xbox Game Pass for consoles, PC, and cloud. Microsoft has detailed the newest batch of games being added to Xbox Game Pass across PC, Xbox, and cloud, and there’s quite a few major games coming to the service over the next...
  7. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update 3 Coming Between February 9th and 11th

    The next World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has a release date – or rather, a release window. It’s out between February 9th and 11th according to Asobo Studio in a new live developer Q&A. This World Update will focus on the United Kingdom, delivering over 70 new points of interest...
  8. Heaven__

    Ten New Titles, Critical Acclaim, and Exceptional Engagement Mark a Record Year for Xbox Game Studios

    I’m inspired by the dedication and extraordinary work across our many talented creative teams within Xbox Game Studios to launch a record number of first party games this year. In addition to a record-breaking year for games we’ve launched, many of these titles have earned strong critical...
  9. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch #2 In Final Testing, Set To Release Within Next 10 Days

    After a very long absence, Microsoft Flight Simulator returned to the virtual skies for the 2020 edition to a huge reception. The game is incredible from a technical standpoint, from its ridiculous graphics to its incredible ability to recreate maps, but like many things on the cutting edge of...
  10. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Guide – How to Take Off

    Eventually, as you learn more and more about pre-flight checks and what the various controls do, you’ll be faced with your first real challenge in Microsoft Flight Simulator: Taking off. The good news is the procedure is the same for all planes so it can be applied across the board upon learning...
  11. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Guide – How to Read Runway Lights and All Keyboard Shortcuts

    Assuming that you’ve begun dipping your toes into the many complexities of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s good to know about runway lights which can be seen on the side of runways. Since these come into play while landing an aircraft, it’s important to understand what they are. Runway lights...
  12. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Guide – How to Enable Autopilot and Assistance Settings for Easy Flying

    Autopilot is an integral part of flights in the real world and can be a huge boon for new players in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Furthermore, it acts as a way for seasoned players to kick back, relax and let the AI handle everything. How do you enable autopilot though? To immediately enable...
  13. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Review – It’s A Journey

    There is something alluring about Microsoft Flight Simulator which goes beyond what your usual open world games offer. Perhaps, it’s the sense of exploration or it’s the thrill of flying thousands of miles whilst ensuring a safe flight or it’s the mind-blowing technology that is used to render...
  14. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Showcases Airports And Aircraft In Another Stunning Trailer

    Next month will see the much anticipated return of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game will once again bring us to the skies above with a variety of different aircraft. And at this point we don’t have to tell you the game looks good, and I mean really, really good, too, but it can never hurt to...
  15. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Also Coming To Steam August 18th; VR Support Confirmed For Post-Launch

    Next month, you will finally get the chance to fly high with the much anticipated return of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. While those on consoles will unfortunately have to wait, the PC crowd was confirmed to get their hands on the game soon, but there was only mention of the Windows...
  16. Heaven__

    10 New Games Releasing in August 2020

    The infamous Fall/Holiday deluge of titles is nearly upon us, which is going to be even crazier this year with the Xbox Series X and PS5 launching, each with their respective exclusives. Of course, everyone knows that the real madness begins in August so even before all of that, we have plenty...
  17. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Launches on August 18th

    Asobo Studio’s Microsoft Flight Simulator releases on August 18th. A new trailer has been released by Microsoft, announcing the title as open for pre-order on PC. Check it out below and ogle in the gorgeous, realistic planes and environments. Excellent visuals aren’t the only thing that...
  18. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta Date Coming on July 9th

    We’ve seen all kinds of gorgeous screenshots for Microsoft Flight Simulator but today, Asobo Studio offered some news on the closed beta. More specifically, it revealed the date for when it would announce the closed beta’s release date, which is July 9th. The developer didn’t provide any more...
  19. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Feature Every Airport On Earth

    No one likes the airport. Even if you’re some of the lucky few who have access to premium lounges, the wait times are always tedious and you quickly find yourself wondering what the hell you’re going to do for those often long layovers. Well, thankfully, with Microsoft Flight Simulator you won’t...
  20. Heaven__

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Probably Going To Be A Bigger Deal Than You Think

    When you think of big upcoming games for 2020, odds are, you think of The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Halo Infinite, and the like- and you wouldn’t be wrong to do so, as those studios are surely working on some outstanding experiences. That being said, if you only play those games next...



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