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lost judgment

  1. Heaven__

    Lost Judgment Reveals English Cast in New Trailer

    Lost Judgment's newest trailer reveals the cast of the game's English voice dub, including both new and familiar characters. Lost Judgment will be the first Yakuza/Judgment game to receive a simultaneous worldwide launch, and naturally, following in the footsteps of its predecessor and Yakuza...
  2. Heaven__

    Lost Judgment Gameplay Trailer Shows Combat, Minigames, and More

    Sega has released a meaty new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Lost Judgment, showing plenty of combat, investigations, minigames, and more. Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s upcoming Lost Judgment is just a few months away from launch, and ahead of its impending release, we’ve been getting...
  3. Heaven__

    Lost Judgment Reveals Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions

    Both editions will give you three days of early access to the game, while the Digital Ultimate Edition also includes story-focused DLC. Yakuza spinoff Judgment was excellent, and it’s looking like its sequel Lost Judgment is going to follow suit. At yesterday’s State of Play presentation, we...
  4. Heaven__

    Lost Judgment Receives New Gameplay Trailer During Sony State of Play

    Lost Judgment's latest trailer showcases a bunch of open-world activities including dancing, boxing, and racing among many others. Ryu Ga Gotoku studio showcased a new gameplay video for its Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgment. Check out the trailer below for more details. The trailer showcases a...
  5. Heaven__

    Lost Judgment Footage Shows Playable Master System

    This is the first time a classic console will be playable in either the Yakuza or Judgment series. Sega's arcade games have been playable in past entries. Lost Judgment will include a playable Sega Master System that will allow players to play classic Sega titles like Alex Kidd in Miracle...
  6. Heaven__

    Lost Judgment Launches on September 24th Worldwide – School Stories, New Snake Style and More Revealed

    Though it was leaked through the PlayStation Store beforehand, Ryu ga Gotoku properly unveiled Lost Judgment in its recent “Judgment Day” stream. The sequel is slated to release on September 24th worldwide as the studio’s first global launch and sees the return of Takayuki Yagami (voiced by...



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