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jump force

  1. Heaven__

    Free Play Days – Jump Force, Hunt: Showdown, and Stellaris: Console Edition

    Free Play Days – Jump Force, Hunt: Showdown, and Stellaris: Console Edition Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can enjoy three sensational games this weekend in Jump Force, Hunt: Showdown, and Stellaris: Console Edition. All titles are available to play from Thursday, May 28 at...
  2. Heaven__

    This Week In Games: Oh God, Everything

    There's always one week in February: the week when all the major studios decide to release a ton of blockbuster stuff all at once. Prepare the floodgates. If you're silly enough to pay early, you can get your hands on Anthem this week. That's if you're not already busy looking at games like...
  3. Heaven__

    10 Games To Look Forward To In February 2019

    You would think that after Kingdom Hearts 3 and Resident Evil 2, we’d have to wait for some more high-profile titles. But in February, there’s plenty to look forward to, from turn-based tactical strategizing and anime crossovers to shared world shooting and looting and post-apocalyptic mayhem...
  4. Heaven__

    Jump Force’s Newest Trailer Introduces Us To Yugi

    Bandai Namco is working on putting out Jump Force, a crossover action game which acts as a crossover for multiple Japanese franchises featured in the weekly Shonen! Jump magazine. And the newest trailer for the game, which was announced back at E3, introduces us to Yugi, from Yu-Gi-Oh. And...



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