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  1. Heaven__

    H1Z1 PS4 Beta Release Date Set for May 22, Full Game Will Be Free to Play

    In a press release, Daybreak Games has announced that the H1Z1 PS4 beta release date is set for May 22! What’s more, the full game will be free-to-play. According to Daybreak Games, the PS4 version of the original battle royale game has been designed specifically for the console, and will have a...
  2. Heaven__

    H1Z1 Goes Free to Play Today at 10 AM PST

    The zombie survival title is surprisingly going from paid to free. H1Z1 is – or was – quite the paradox for Daybreak Game Company. It started out as a single zombie survival title before splitting into two games, Just Survive and King of the Kill. After finally emerging from Early Access, the...
  3. Heaven__

    H1Z1 Update Adds Combat Zone, Daily Challenges & More

    H1Z1 Update Adds Combat Zone, Daily Challenges & More H1Z1‘s November patch implements a new combat zone, which allows you to practice combat mechanics by spawning in with a full kit and no need to parachute. In addition to this, several bug fixes and general improvements have been made...



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