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god of war

  1. Heaven__

    PSN God of War Holiday 2019 Giveaway Happening Now on PlayStation Store

    hose who can’t get enough of last year’s God of War by Sony Santa Monica, you might want to download this God of War Holiday 2019 giveaway package by the studio and get back to the game. For a limited time, Sony Santa Monica is giving away in-game weapons and armor! Note that you’ll need to own...
  2. Heaven__

    God Of War Development Detailed In New Official Limited Series Podcast

    Last year’s God of War proved to be a hugely successful reinvention of the action franchise. Not only one of the top sellers for Sony, it garnered massive critical acclaim. Now, the curtain is going to be pulled back into various aspects of the game’s development in an unexpected way...
  3. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Now Receives Price Cut, Adds God of War and Uncharted 4

    Ever since Microsoft launched Xbox Game Pass, many wondered how Sony’s PlayStation Now would compete especially since it doesn’t offer first party games at launch. However, the company is looking to be competitive with a price cut coming today. PlayStation Network VP Grace Chen announced on the...
  4. Heaven__

    God of War’s New Game Plus Now Available, Patch Notes Released

    Craft Perfect gear and new armour sets while battling tougher enemies with new attacks. New Game Plus mode is now available SIE Santa Monica’s God of War. The patch itself weighs in at 871 MB and brings a number of changes for anyone willing to venture forth. As is usually the case, New Game...
  5. Heaven__

    God of War Gets New Game Plus Mode on August 20

    Comes with a bevy of options, including being able to skip cutscenes… at last! At long last, the much anticipated New Game Plus mode for Sony Santa Monica’s latest masterpiece God of War, which was discussed before the game even launched, and officially confirmed at E3 this year, will be...
  6. Heaven__

    God of War 25% Discount Coupon Codes Being Emailed By Sony

    If, somehow, for some reason, you have not already gone ahead and picked up God of War, a superlative action RPG that stands as one of the boldest reimaginings of a long running series ever, and one of the best games of this generation, then Sony i about to sweeten the pot for you some...
  7. Heaven__

    God of War Director Says There Is One Secret About the Game No One Has Discovered Yet

    God of War is a game that is bursting at the seams with content- the world is massive, and there are so many great side quests and hidden stories just waiting to be discovered by players. On the other hand, players have thrown themselves to the game with an astonishing ferocity, dedicated to...
  8. Heaven__

    God of War Is Currently Dominating Twitch

    Twitch is usually dominated by popular PvP multiplayer games, that make for great streaming fodder. For a single player game to break into the top streamed games list, then, is a rarity. In the last year, the only major single player game that managed this to any consequence was Nintendo’s The...
  9. Heaven__

    God of War Patch 1.10 Out Ahead of Launch

    Depending on where in the world you are, God of War is either already out, or just a few hours away from being released. And when you sit down to play the game, you will find that Update 1.10 for it has been downloaded (or needs to be downloaded), as another patch for the title launched ahead of...
  10. Heaven__

    God of War PS4 Trailer Explores The Evolution of Kratos

    SIE Santa Monica’s God of War is out in the next few days but it’s already drawn strong critical reception from several publications. In a continuing series of videos that discuss development and the game itself, game director Cory Balrog speaks on Kratos’ evolution. What happened to Kratos...
  11. Heaven__

    God Of War’s New Trailer Shows How Norse Mythology Provided The Perfect Setting

    God of War has been receiving very high scores all around. We gave the game a perfect score and it’s likely that gamers are going to love this new side of the franchise. Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for the game, in which the game’s Director explains why...
  12. Heaven__

    God of War New Trailer Revals PSN Unlock Time for North America

    God of War reviews have hit today, and it sounds like Sony Santa Monica may have crafted one of the greatest games ever made with this new title. Obviously, there are fans worldwide who are eager to get their hands on the new game as soon as possible—and if you are in North America, and got the...
  13. Heaven__

    God of War Difficulty Modes Detailed

    Plus, the HUD can be turned off for an “Immersion Mode”. We are just ten days away from the release of God of War, and Sony are beginning to drum up the hype for what looks to be the greatest game yet developed by a Sony first party studio. Today, in a new blog post on the PlayStation Blog...
  14. Heaven__

    God of War Will Feature A Performance Mode On PS4 Pro

    God of War looks like it’s going to be the most beautiful PS4 game till date, with Sony Santa Monica once again pushing Sony’s software to its limits, and it seems the studio is going to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s added powers as well. The upcoming game’s director, Cory Barlog, recently...
  15. Heaven__

    God of War Will Have Secrets and Easter Eggs Everywhere

    “There are secrets hidden everywhere.” The upcoming God of War is going to be an action RPG that encourages and invites exploration of its vast world by rewarding players who tread off the beaten path with great items and loots. But that’s not all that the game hides for those who plumb its...
  16. Heaven__

    God of War Goes Gold No More Delays

    Development on God of War is now complete, and the code has been pressed on to the master disc that will be replicated for mass production. There is no turning back now, and no more delays possible- God of War is officially gold. Director Cory Barlog confirmed this news on his Twitter account...
  17. Heaven__

    God of War Gets New Gameplay Video Showcasing 15 Minutes of Gameplay

    God of War is almost here- we’re a little over a month away from the release of what promises to be among the most hyped, biggest exclusive game releases of the year. And while we have seen a lot of the game since its initial reveal back at E3 2016, seeing more of it never hurt anyone. Which...
  18. Heaven__

    God of War PS4 Releasing on April 20th, Story Trailer Teases Kratos’ Origins

    God of War PS4 Releasing on April 20th, Story Trailer Teases Kratos’ Origins Kratos’ true nature is coming back to haunt him and his son. SIE Santa Monica’s God of War for the PS4 will be releasing on April 20th 2018. This was confirmed in a new story trailer which you can check out below...
  19. Heaven__

    God Of War New Details Incoming As It Will Be The Cover Story Of Game Informer’s February Issue

    God Of War New Details Incoming As It Will Be The Cover Story Of Game Informer’s February Issue the cover image and a new coverage video have been revealed. It has been announced that God of War will be Game Informer’s cover story for the month of February. The game was first unveiled back...
  20. Heaven__

    God of War Coming in Early 2018, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

    God of War Coming in Early 2018, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed Kratos and son tear up the opposition in this latest gameplay trailer. Sony didn’t have to do much to convince us of the brilliance that is God of War, which sees Kratos and his son encounter a Souleater for the first time. No...



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