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ghost recon breakpoint

  1. Heaven__

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Be Free To Play Until January 25th

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint was probably one of the more high profile games over the last few years to underperform. While we’ve never gotten solid numbers, the game did so poorly it made Ubisoft delay several other games, and it clearly has never been as active as its predecessor, Wildlands. Most...
  2. Heaven__

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Finally Gets AI Teammates on July 15

    Mildly put, Ghost Recon Breakpoint didn’t have the best launch, but Ubisoft, to their credit, have stuck with the open world shooter as far as post-launch support is concerned. Since before the game’s release, the developers have said that they will eventually add AI teammates to the game for...
  3. Heaven__

    Ubisoft Forward Line-up Includes Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

    Ubisoft’s upcoming “E3-style” showcase will be taking place on July 12th and after a brief teaser, the company has confirmed what’s in store. You can check out all the relevant games in the newest trailer below. One interesting bit: Tune into the pre-show at 10:30 AM PDT and you can claim Watch...
  4. Heaven__

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide – Weapon Blueprints and Attachment Locations

    Finding all the different weapon blueprints and attachments in Ghost Recon Breakpoint can be tough. It may be tempting to just buy them off the shop but there benefits to crafting and modifying your own weapons. Then again, with the number of weapon types from SMGs and Sniper Rifles to ARs and...
  5. Dermot

    PS4/PS5 REVIEW Ghost Recon Breakpoint PS4 Review

    Game: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Developer: Ubisoft Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC Release Date: October 4th 2019 Price: $60/£44.99/€74.99 Review Copy: PS4 What is Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a Tactical Shooter from the Tom Clancy franchise of games by Publisher Ubisoft that...



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