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ghost of tsushima

  1. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Announced – Free Co-op Mode Arrives in Fall

    Remember when Ghost of Tsushima director Nate Fox seemingly teased multiplayer for the franchise? Turns out that a co-op experience is coming sooner than we thought. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has been announced and it’s a co-op mode with four classes and missions inspired by Japanese mythology...
  2. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Guide – How to Raise Legend Level and Earn Flowers Fast

    Jin Sakai’s greatest power in Ghost of Tsushima is fear and using that to sew disruption among the enemy. This is done by increasing his Legend level, which causes weaker opponents to back down in fear (leading to quick executions). Raising one’s Legend level also provides different stat...
  3. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Guide – All Collectibles and Their Locations

    If it wasn’t obvious already, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is a massive game with lots of activities and tons of collectibles. Let’s take a look at all of them here along with their locations. As a general tip, make sure to use the Traveler’s Attire when searching for collectibles since they...
  4. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Guide – All Stances And Techniques

    Weapon upgrades, armor sets (each with their own respective upgrades), Ghost Weapons – Jin has quite the arsenal in Ghost of Tsushima. On top of all this, however, there are also Techniques spread across a variety of different areas. As you kill bandits and Mongols, liberate enemy Outposts and...
  5. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Guide – 14 Basic Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

    Ghost of Tsushima is out now, and we’re now finally able to experience Sucker Punch’s open world samurai game for ourselves. As you’d expect from a game of this size and scope, there’s a lot going on in Ghost of Tsushima, and here we’ve compiled some handy pointers to make your earlier hours in...
  6. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Focuses on Customization, Photo Mode, and Kurosawa Mode

    In the lead-up to the launch of Sucker Punch’s upcoming open world title, Ghost of Tsushima, Sony have kicked their marketing into gear. A part of that has been a steady stream of trailers focusing on various aspects of the game, with a couple of them having highlighted combat and exploration...
  7. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Trophy List Details Various Side Activities

    Ghost of Tsushima releases imminently, and ahead of its launch, details on the game have been coming in thick and fast. Prior to the game’s release, Sucker Punch have talked about it being their biggest game ever, one that can provide about 50 hours of content per playthrough, and its newly...
  8. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Reviews Round-Up – Here’s What Critics Think

    Sucker Punch’s new open world title Ghost of Tsushima – the last major first party PS4 exclusive – will be releasing in just three days from now. Ahead of its launch, the review embargo has now been lifted, which means final impressions from several outlets and publications have gone live- and...
  9. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Launch Trailer Prepares for Imminent Release

    As the last major PS4 exclusive coming from Sony, Ghost of Tsushima has incredible high expectations to live up to, but all that Sucker Punch have shown and told of their game so far has looked very promising. Excitement for the game is mounting by the day, and with less than a week left till...
  10. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Loading Is Now Available

    Sucker Punch’s open world action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima will be looking to close out the PS4 era with a bang. The game is out in just a week from now, and with not long left until players are able to get their hands on it, it has now been made available for pre-loading as well. So if...
  11. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima’s World Has Three Regions and Over 40 Diverse Biomes

    Sucker Punch are no strangers to open world game design, but it seems like they’re looking to touch new heights with their upcoming Ghost of Tsushima. On top of promising immersive exploration in a rich setting, Ghost of Tsushima is also supposedly the biggest game Sucker Punch have ever made...
  12. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Receives Another Pre-Launch Patch With Minor Fixes

    Sucker Punch’s upcoming open world title Ghost of Tsushima is out in less than two weeks from now, and leading up to that, Sucker Punch have been releasing patches for the game to fix lingering issues. A second update for the game is also out now (via Twisted Voxel), but it’s a pretty small one...
  13. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Promises a Dramatic Story

    The PS4 is certainly signing off with a bang, delivering Ghost of Tsushima as its last major first party exclusive right after the launch of The Last of Us Part 2. And with the open world game’s launch right around the corner, Sony have put the marketing in gear. A new trailer has been...
  14. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima – 15 More Things You Need To Know

    Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is the Sony’s next big exclusive, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and releasing on July 17th for PS4. We’ve already gone over things you should know before picking it up but given the game’s size and scale, there’s even more to discuss. So without further...
  15. Heaven__

    Ghost Of Tsushima Won’t Force You To Choose Between Samurai And Ghost In Combat

    The plot of Ghost of Tsushima is a classic one of a man that is caught between what he once believed, and what he must do as the world around him changes. You will be given two styles of play, either the straight forward sword clashing of the Samurai, or the stealth-based Ghost. Both ways to...
  16. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Will “Pull Out Every Little Ounce of Performance” From the PS4

    Sony’s first party studios almost never fail to get everything they can possibly get out of whatever console they’re developing for, and that’s been especially true this generation, with the likes of God of War, Uncharted 4, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. And it seems Sucker Punch are determined to...
  17. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima’s Combat Is “Really Grounded and Lethally Precise”

    Ghost of Tsushima received its first proper gameplay deep dive last week, and it’s fair to say that the game looked quite impressive in its most recent showing. Across all of its trailers and demonstrations so far, Ghost of Tsushima has impressed across multiple departments so far, from visuals...
  18. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima Deep Dive Details Exploration, Combat, Stealth, and More

    During their recent Ghost of Tsushima-focused State of Play broadcast, Sony showed a large amount of gameplay footage from the upcoming Sucker Punch-developed open world action-adventure game, detailing completely new aspects of combat, stealth, exploration, customization, and much more...
  19. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima – 10 New Things We Learned

    Sony recently dropped a massive gameplay demonstration of Ghost of Tsushima, showcasing the biggest and most detailed look we’ve had yet of how the upcoming open world game will play- and it continues to look excellent. There was a lot to digest in the nearly 20 minutes of footage shown off, and...
  20. Heaven__

    Ghost of Tsushima – 18 Minute State of Play Announced for May 14th

    Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is one of the biggest PS4 exclusives of the year so it’s kind of weird to not see much gameplay till now. Your wish is Sony’s command though. The publisher announced a dedicated State of Play on May 14th at 1 PM PT that features 18 minutes of the open world...



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