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frostpunk: on the edge

  1. Heaven__

    Frostpunk: On the Edge DLC is Now Available on PC

    After years of support, 11 bit Studios has released Frostpunk’s last expansion, On the Edge, for PC players. It takes place after the Great Storm of the base game and sees players having to create a new Outpost in the frozen wasteland. Check out the trailer below. Along with having to deal with...
  2. Heaven__

    Frostpunk: On The Edge Releases on August 20th

    Frostpunk’s season pass is coming to a close with its third major DLC, On The Edge, releasing on August 20th for PC first. Taking place after the Great Storm, players will venture to an uncharted portion of the Frostland to continue the quest for survival. Check out the latest cinematic trailer...



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