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  1. Heaven__

    Fortnite: Chapter 2 Officially Unveiled; Features New Map, Improved Combat, and More

    It’s been an eventful few days for Epic Games’ uber-popular free-to-play battle royale shooter. A couple days ago, at the end of Season X, Fortnite essentially deleted itself, as the game’s entire map was devoured by a black hole– an event that, as you might imagine, turned out to be huge even...
  2. Heaven__

    Fortnite: The End Has Hidden Minigame Unlocked With Infamous Konami Code

    Fortnite‘s newest “event” is a pretty different one. It’s seen the game basically die with the Battle Royale mode being consumed by a black hole. As of writing this, you still cannot play matches and are instead forced to look at a black screen of nothing until being forced to exit. Or so we...
  3. Heaven__

    Fortnite’s Season X And Batman Crossover Have Been Extended

    Just a little over a week ago, two mega franchises collided. Fortnite‘s Season X met the ever popular Batman in a crossover. Fortnite has been burning it up with various pop culture crossovers the last few months, but it seems they’ve really taken a liking to this one, as it’s delayed Season 11...
  4. Heaven__

    Fortnite Season X Patch Notes Revealed, Baller and Quad-Crasher Vaulted

    With Season X introducing the most action in Fortnite yet, it’s interesting to note how Epic Games is changing the overall mobility possible in Battle Royale. In its recent patch notes, it revealed that the Baller was being vaulted. The same goes for the Quad-Crasher and Glider Redeploy. Epic...
  5. Heaven__

    Fortnite’s John Wick Event Details Leaked

    The latest installment of the action film John Wick franchise is due out soon, and the series is expanding out to video games with a strategy title starring the grizzled assassin coming soon to PC. Seems that’s not the only game Mr. Wick is coming to however, as the character is coming to...
  6. Heaven__

    Fortnite’s Account Merging Feature Ends May 6th

    With Fortnite being one of biggest games in the world and being available on multiple different platforms, it helps to be able to consolidate accounts across different platforms sometimes. It especially helps with a game that’s constantly being updated with tons of new characters, gears, and...
  7. Heaven__

    Fortnite Update 2.16 Live Now, Resolves Some Minor Issues

    We’ve talked before about the big creative changes happening to Fortnite, but patches for other minor issues are still being rolled out to the popular online battle royale shooter. Today, a new update came out, 2.16 (v8.40.1), that tweaked some minor problems from the previous update. A lot of...
  8. Heaven__

    Fortnite Plans To Allow Players To Run “Mini-Battle Royale” Games Through Creative Mode

    Epic Games continues to support Fortnite with some great content and changes almost on a constant basis. Update 8.10 added new weapons and items to the game, but as it turns out, they have more significant additions in the pipeline as well. Recently, on a Reddit AMA session, Epic Games...
  9. Heaven__

    Fortnite Patch 8.10 Adds The Baller, Vending Machine Changes

    Fortnite: Battle Royale players who saw Wrecking Ball in Overwatch and wanted something similar are in luck. Patch 8.10 is now live and brings The Baller, a vehicle that’s essentially a hamster ball that players can roll around in. It can be found in outposts and loot stashes within pirate...
  10. Heaven__

    Nintendo Switch Gets Console Level Voice Chat Thanks To Vivox

    Another step towards having an actual civilized online system on the Nintendo Switch. Although Fortnite allows for native, console level voice chat on the Nintendo Switch, there is no system-wide solution in place for titles to use for voice chat on Nintendo’s system if they want to. You need...
  11. Heaven__

    Fortnite on Mobile Adding Controller Support

    In news that is sure to have Netflix quaking in their boots, Fortnite is about to get a whole lot more compelling to play on smartphones. While the iOS and Android versions of the game have thus far relied on touch screen controls (and done a pretty good job of it, judging by how popular the...
  12. Heaven__

    Fortnite’s Holiday Event Returns Next Week

    14 Days of Fortnite will see a short return to make up for a blunder with its previous end date. Epic Games’ “14 Days of Fortnite” event for Fortnite, which played out through the holidays, faced some scrutiny when the developer posted the wrong date for its conclusion. While the Equalizer...
  13. Heaven__

    Fortnite On Xbox One No Longer Allowing XIM Keyboard and Mouse Support

    Third party keyboard and mouse options that give players unfair advantages have been “blocked”. If you’ve been using XIM’s input adapters to play Fortnite on Xbox One with keyboard and mouse controls, there’s bad news for you- although it’s probably for the best. If you’ve been using XIM’s...
  14. Heaven__

    E3 Nintendo Did Exactly What They Promised In A Solid But Unremarkable Show

    Earlier this morning, Nintendo had the final E3 show, right as the E3 showfloor opened to the press and attendees. It was a decidedly low key affair. Nintendo has been de-emphasizing its E3 showings for the last few years, preferring, instead, to disperse information via its own Nintendo...
  15. Heaven__

    Fortnite On Switch Has Built-In Voice Chat, No App Required

    Fortnite on Switch will support voice chat through the headphone jack and not through some stupid phone app, just like a normal-arse game. It isn't currently available in the Switch version of Epic's popular battle royale game that launched today, but will be on Thursday. Competitive games...
  16. Heaven__

    E3 Fortnite on Nintendo Switch Supports Voice Chat Directly On Console, Without Needing Phone App

    One of the biggest knocks on the Nintendo Switch so fa has been its rather terrible online service, best exemplified by the absurdity that is voice chat on the system- voice chat, you see, is not natively supported on the console. Rather, you need a smartphone app, and chat through there, if you...
  17. Heaven__

    If You Ever Played Fortnite on PS4, You Can’t Use Your Epic Account for Fortnite on Switch

    Fortnite is out now on Switch, and not only will it allow cross platform play with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and iOS, but also cross account linking- which means your Fortnite progress on one of those platforms also carries over on to Switch, and vice versa. However, as expected, your PS4 Fortnite...
  18. Heaven__

    E3 Fortnite Now Available Free on Nintendo eShop

    Yet another rumour that turned out to be true, Epic Games’ Fortnite is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Yes, you can actually head to the eShop right now, download it and play the game. And yes, it’s totally free. Fortnite needs no introduction at this point (but we’ll provide one...
  19. Heaven__

    Fortnite, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and More Leaked for Nintendo Switch: Rumor

    It seems like some upcoming game announcements for the Nintendo Switch may have been prematurely leaked. While I must advice caution when it comes to believing a “printed list” leak, especially given how absurdly easy they are to fake, this one, owing to how it looks (a retailer catalog), and...
  20. Heaven__

    Fortnite’s Infinity Gauntlet Mode Showcased in New Trailer

    Fortnite has always been known for its wacky additions, especially with Battle Royale. However, the upcoming limited time mode that serves as a mashup between Avengers: Infinity War and Last Man Standing is probably its weirdest feature yet. Ahead of the mode’s release, Epic Games has released a...



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