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  1. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 – Public Enemy Weapon Pack Now Available

    Deck 13’s The Surge 2 has received some new DLC today in the form of the Public Enemy Weapon Pack. Retailing for $4.99 standalone, this pack contains 13 new weapons across eight different types. You can also get it as part of the Season Pass which costs $19.99 (and includes an exclusive weapon...
  2. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Season Pass Will Add 13 New Weapons, Story DLC

    Deck 13’s The Surge 2 is a fairly meaty game and given its Souls-like nature, there’s plenty of replay value to be had. If you crave new content, it’s coming soon with the Season Pass. Currently available to purchase for $19.99 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the Season Pass will add new weapons, gear...
  3. Heaven__

    Vampyr Switch Version Gets Half Hour Of Gameplay Footage

    Last year came the surprise action RPG of Vampyr. The game followed a doctor who was recently turned into the undead and must unravel both the mystery of his new illness as well as struggle between his newfound lust for blood and his oath as a healer. The game was both a financial success and...
  4. Heaven__

    Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Brings More Vehicles, Out Next Week

    Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 19 is set to receive more content next week with the Platinum Edition. Out on October 22nd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Farming Simulator 19 Platinum is an expansion for the base game. However, you can also purchase it as a standalone edition. Check it out below...
  5. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Guide – How To Farm Tech Scrap and Level Up Fast

    Much like its Souls-like inspirations, The Surge 2 grants experience upon defeating enemies in the form of Tech Scrap. Gather enough Tech Scrap and you can level up stats, upgrade items and so on. Even cooler is the ability to bank Scrap so you can go out and farm more without fear of losing it...
  6. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Video Details Essential Tips for Survival

    Deck13’s The Surge 2 can be a tough Souls-like to fight through. It may seem like a typical Souls-like but there’s a bit more involved than that especially with regards to limb targeting and energy. To help struggling players and ease others in, the developer has released a video encompassing...
  7. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Launch Trailer Promises Weighty Combat and Glorious Violence

    2017’s The Surge was a solid sci-fi take on the Souls-like genre, but there was still plenty that it left to be desired. With the upcoming sequel though, it looks like Deck13 might just make good on the potential of the first game. And with its release right around the corner, publishers Focus...
  8. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Trailer Offers A Symphony of Violence

    A new trailer for The Surge 2, Deck13’s expansive follow-up to the first sci-fi Souls-like. To no one’s surprise, it contains an egregious amount of violence, dismemberment and executions. How is it any different from previous trailers, whether it was teasing the end of humanity by nanovirus...
  9. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Story Trailer Teases End of Humanity

    Deck13’s The Surge 2 is out later this month and we’ve seen some pretty extensive footage of the game. From gearing up to raw footage of dismembering foes and combat, there’s been plenty of exposure to the more action-packed parts. However, what’s going on story-wise? The new trailer from Focus...
  10. Heaven__

    Greedfall – Things You Need To Know Before You Pre-Order

    Spiders’ GreedFall is out on September 10th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. To say it’s a massive undertaking would be an understatement. What makes it so interesting though? Let’s take a look at 15 things you should know before making a purchase. The Story GreedFall displays its 17th century...
  11. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Gameplay Video is One Big Dismemberment Party

    Last week, Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 released a short trailer for The Surge 2 which stated, succinctly, that you are what you kill. A new raw gameplay video expands on this, showcasing numerous fights and how players can dismember their enemies to obtain different items. Check it out...
  12. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Trailer Showcases The Best Way to Gear Up

    Deck13’s The Surge 2, like its predecessor, offers a unique route to getting the armor and weapons that you want. When you encounter an enemy, it’s possible to target different body parts. Severing them will provide a chance to craft the armor piece worn. In this way, you effectively become what...
  13. Heaven__

    GreedFall Combat Trailers Showcase Plethora of Weapons and Skills

    Spiders’ GreedFall has quite a few expectations riding on it, especially since the developer aiming to fill the void left by the likes of BioWare. One thing that’s certainly caught our attention is the combat, which allows for a mix of different skills and items. To further exemplify the kinds...
  14. Heaven__

    GreedFall’s Newest Trailer Will Give You Plenty of Reasons to Get Excited

    While BioWare’s future output doesn’t inspire much confidence in people these days, and CD Projekt RED moves from its fantasy setting to a cyberpunk aesthetic, people are growing hungrier and hungrier for a classic choice-based fantasy RPG. And Spiders’ upcoming GreedFall is looking to fill that...
  15. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 – 15 Things You Need To Know

    There have been many Dark Souls imitators over the last decade, but in recent years, one that has managed to stand out is Deck13’s The Surge. Combining Soulslike mechanics with its own brutal combat and a sci-fi aesthetic, the 2017 title was one that was flawed, yet, but also showed a lot of...
  16. Heaven__

    Gamescom 2019 GreedFall Gamescom Demo Breaks Down Factions, Companions, And More

    The newest RPG from Spiders, GreedFall, is coming at us fast, and it’s got some pretty ambitious ideas about what it wants to accomplish when it gets here. Whether or not it will remains to be seen, but until then, it’s looking pretty good. A new video also shows a lot of the meat on the bone...
  17. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Trailer Highlights Praise In Previews

    Deck13’s The Surge 2 is looking to make good on the potential of its predecessor, which was a solid enough game, but came with its fair share of issues. Recently, a number of people got to go hands-on with the game to see how successfully it’s doing that, and the round of previews gave off...
  18. Heaven__

    GreedFall Overview Trailer Highlights Game’s RPG Mechanics And Combat

    While the developers behind GreedFall, Spiders, have a new home, they are still looking to deliver the same great and unique experience as they have been over the last few years. Today we got a look at how they’re going to do that as the new Overview trailer for their latest title gives us a...
  19. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 Receives Second Closed Beta Test on August 15th

    Deck13 has announced another closed beta for its upcoming sci-fi Souls-like The Surge 2. It takes place on August 15th and will run till the 25th. About 1,000 players are currently being sought so head over here to sign up. To participate, a Steam account and either English or French as a spoken...
  20. Heaven__

    The Surge 2 – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

    The Surge 2 is an action role playing game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. Development The Surge 2 was officially announced in February of 2018, when it was confirmed that the game would be launching in 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was later...



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