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far cry 6

  1. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Accolades Trailer Highlights Critical Praise

    The newest entry in Ubisoft's open world first person shooter series is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia. Far Cry 6 has been out for a few days now, and by and large, reception for the game from critics and audiences alike has been positive. While there are those who’ve called...
  2. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 - Launch Accolades Trailer | PS5, PS4

    Far Cry 6 - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players
  3. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Trailer Introduces Murderous Rooster Chicharron

    Protagonist Dani Rojas will be befriending several animals all across Yara throughout the game, including one deranged rooster. hey won’t be called Fangs for Hire in the game, but Far Cry 6 will continue the series’ recent tradition of making animal companions an important part of the...
  4. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Doesn’t Have Ray-Tracing On Consoles, Ubisoft Confirms

    Far Cry 6 lead programmer has revealed that the game wouldn't have ray-tracing options on consoles. n a recent interview with Wccftech, lead programmer at Ubisoft Stephanie Brenham revealed that Far Cry 6 will not have ray-tracing options on consoles. During the interview, he revealed that...
  5. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Trailers Feature “Tips and Tricks”, Fan Mail and More With Giancarlo Esposito

    Watch Anton Castillo's actor give some very questionable gameplay advice and confirm whether Diego is Far Cry 3's Vaas or not. With September almost wrapped up, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 is looking to be one of the major new releases in October. Plenty of gameplay footage has already been showcased...
  6. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Shows Off Animal Interactions With Gameplay Video

    Pet dogs, horses and even pelicans in the latest game in the franchise, as well as use them to your advantage in combat. Far Cry 6 will be here next month, and sees you in the midst of a political revolution in the fictional island of Yara. You can see the broader details of what to expect...
  7. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Post-Launch Overview Trailer Details Free Content, Season Pass, and More

    In addition to previously detailed Season Pass content, Far Cry 6's free post-launch support will also include crossover events, special operations, and more. With Far Cry 6 now less than a month away from launch, Ubisoft has kicked the game’s marketing into gear. Several new details about the...
  8. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Overview Trailer Details Yara, Allies, Camp Upgrades, Special Ops, and More

    Venture across Yara, allying with different rebel groups to fight and liberate the island from the rule of Anton Castillo. Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has received a new overview trailer, detailing all of the different aspects of the open world shooter en route to release. Playing as Dani Rojas, a...
  9. Heaven__

    Far Cry 3 Is Available For Free On Ubisoft Store

    Far Cry 3 is currently free on the Ubisoft Store, and players interested in the franchise should definitely check it out. Ubisoft has recently made Far Cry 3 available for free on the Ubisoft Store. The third-installment in this long-running open-world franchise is now available for free until...
  10. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 PC Requirements Revealed

    You'll need a minimum of 8 GB RAM and 60 GB of installation space to run the game. An additional 37 GB is also needed for HD textures. Ubisoft recently outlined the various PC features that Far Cry 6 will have, from ray tracing support to an in-game benchmarking tool. The publisher has since...
  11. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 PC Features Include Ray Tracing, Ultra Wide, and High Refresh Rate Support

    New trailer also showcases Photo Mode which allows for adjusting brightness, contrast and weather settings for pictures. Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Far Cry 6, this time focusing on the title’s PC features. The PC version has been handled by Ubisoft Kyiv along with the Montreal and...
  12. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 – Xbox Series X Gameplay Showcases Resolver Weapons, Parachuting and Fangs for Hire

    Follow Dani Rojas as they explore the El Este region and partake in activities, from rescuing prisoners to raising hell with Chicaharrón the rooster. Ubisoft has debuted some new gameplay footage for Far Cry 6, offering a look at the Xbox Series X version. It sees Dani Rojas starting out by...
  13. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Story Trailer Reveals the Rise of the Guerrillas

    Following the death of their loved ones, Dani Rojas trains in the art of guerrilla fighting and looks to take revenge against Anton Castillo. Ubisoft released a new story trailer for Far Cry 6, which starts with Yara’s dictator Anton Castillo being interviewed. Castillo is fairly insistent on...
  14. Heaven__

    Gamescom 2021 Gamescom Opening Night Live Trailer Teases Far Cry 6, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and Much More

    Other titles include Sifu, Back 4 Blood, Genshin Impact, Replaced, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and possibly Unknown 9: Awakening. Gamescom Opening Night Live returns this week with world premieres, announcements and much more. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, it will feature over 30 different...
  15. Heaven__

    Resident Evil Village, Far Cry 6, Forspoken, and More Will Support FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD Confirms

    AMD's supersampling tech has launched today, with an initial batch of seven games supporting it, and more confirmed to add support down the line. AMD’s supersampling tech FidelityFX Super Resolution (or FSR) has launched today, and to go along with that, the company has confirmed details on...
  16. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Trailer Introduces the Villainy of Anton, Season Pass Content Revealed

    Antagonists Vaas, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed from previous titles will be playable in their own adventures as part of the Season Pass. A new cinematic trailer for Far Cry 6 as revealed which showcases exactly how Dani Rojas came to seek revenge. Spoiler: It’s because El Presidente Anton Castillo...
  17. Heaven__

    Next Rainbow Six Will Receive World Gameplay Premiere at Ubisoft Forward

    The title "formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine" is finally getting more details along with Riders Republic, Far Cry 6 and more. This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is surging ahead with the full schedule finally being revealed. Square Enix has provided more details on what to...
  18. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 – 12 New Things You Need To Know

    It’s that time of the year. Developers and publishers are lining up for big blowouts of their upcoming flagship releases. Ubisoft recently got in on the action as well with a gameplay deep dive of Far Cry 6, which was accompanied by previews and interviews going up all around. As a result, we’ve...
  19. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6’s Full Open World Map Looks Quite Large

    Ubisoft games are notorious for having large open world maps (often larger than required), so it’s not surprising that the upcoming Far Cry 6 is looking like quite an ambitious game as well, in more ways than one. The shooter’s recent gameplay deep dive promised a diverse, big world to explore...
  20. Heaven__

    Far Cry 6 Offers the Biggest Open World in the Series

    For all the talk of revolution and overthrowing the rule Anton Castillo, Far Cry 6’s Yara is pretty big. Speaking to VGC in a video call, lead gameplay designer David Grivel revealed that it was “bigger than any map that we’ve ever done before.” Of course, it’s also full of things to do from...



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