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  1. Heaven__

    Fortnite Street Fighter Crossover Trailer and Emotes Leaked

    Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers with movies, TV and other gaming properties, and it looks like gamers will soon see Capcom’s Street Fighter enter the world of Epic Game’s battle royale, as the Fortnite Street Fighter crossover trailer and emotes have seemingly made their way out into the...
  2. Heaven__

    Lara Croft Could be Headed to Fortnite

    Fortnite has become a nexus for crossovers of major media properties of late, most notably with widely beloved gaming icons like Kratos from God of War and the Master Chief from Halo having found their way into the free to play battle royale shooter in recent weeks. We’ve all been wondering...
  3. Heaven__

    Fortnite Operation Snowdown Now Live, Here’s What to Expect

    Epic Games is bringing the holiday festivities with the Fortnite Christmas event “Operation Snowdown” which is live now! The Fortnite Operation Snowdown event runs from today (December 18) up to January 5, and will grant unique, holiday-themed rewards, and more Over the course of Operation...
  4. Heaven__

    Fortnite Adds Performance Mode For PC

    It’s become something of a cliché to try and say that a game is more than just a game and that it transcends that label, but if there is one title that deserves that it’s probably Fortnite from Epic Games. The long running shooter has become something of a cultural mile marker, and I mean, you...
  5. Heaven__

    Epic Games Holiday Store Sale Kicks Off Next Week, Includes 15 Days of Free Games

    ‘Tis the season of giving, and that’s exactly what Epic Games is doing as the return of their Holiday store sale is set to offer some deep discounts, but most importantly, 15 days of free games. Starting December 17, the Epic Game Store will have an huge selection of PC titles on discount (up...
  6. Heaven__

    Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 is Live, New Battle Pass Revealed

    The threat of Galactus is gone(for now) but Fortnite continues to roll on. Following maintenance, servers are back up and Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 is now live. The theme for this season is “Zero Point” and sees Agent Jones recruiting hunters from across all realities to ensure no one...
  7. Heaven__

    Fortnite Crew Announced – Monthly Subscription Includes Battle Pass, V-Bucks and More

    It’s finally happened – Fortnite is getting a monthly subscription service called Fortnite Crew. Launching on December 2nd with Chapter 2 – Season 5, Fortnite Crew costs $11.99 per month and includes the Battle Pass along with other goodies. Check out the trailer below. Along with the Battle...
  8. Heaven__

    Fortnite – Xbox Series X/S, PS5 Improvements Include Faster Loading and 60 FPS Split-Screen

    Epic Games’ Fortnite comes to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 next week, sporting enhancements to take advantage of both consoles. It will launch on November 10th for Microsoft’s consoles and November 12th for PS5. Official details on next-gen improvements have been revealed and there’s quite a bit to...
  9. Heaven__

    Rocket League Crosses Over With Ghostbusters For This Year’s Haunted Hallows

    The rocket/soccer fusion sensation, Rocket League, went free-to-play this year, which seems to have been quite a huge success for the game. It’s been going strong ever since, and it’s once again time for the spooky season of Halloween and that means it’s also time for the annual Haunted Hallows...
  10. Heaven__

    Rocket League Goes Free To Play And Passes 1 Million Concurrent Players

    Rocket League was one of those indie games that snuck up on us and become a huge sensation. It managed to hit a staggering 75 million players and 5 billion matches played earlier this year, and last year the game’s developer was purchased by Epic Games. Things are changing in a big way now, and...
  11. Heaven__

    Fortnite Limited Edition Switch Bundle Announced For Select Regions This Holiday Season

    Right now a lot of the news around Fortnite is about the conflict between its publisher and developer, Epic Games, and Apple. But even aside from all that, the game remains one of the biggest titles ongoing regardless of the platform, and one of those platforms will get their own bundle of the...
  12. Heaven__

    Fortnite To Remain Off iOS App Store, But Unreal Tools Won’t Be Affected For Time Being, Per New Ruling

    No doubt, at this point you’ve heard about the high profile fight between Epic Games and Apple. The two massive companies have clashed over the cut that the digital storefront takes. After offering direct payment options in Fortnite, which was against App Store guidelines, the shooter was...
  13. Heaven__

    Marvel’s Avengers Beta Will Reward Fortnite Players With Hulk Pickaxe for Completing Tasks

    Announced during today’s Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream (and via a press release), Crystal Dynamics announced that a crossover (of sorts) is happening with Epic Games’ Fortnite, an the Marvel’s Avengers beta! According to the press release, PS4 and Xbox One players who link their Square...
  14. Heaven__

    Rocket League Going Free to Play This Summer

    Current owners will receive Legacy status with different items and benefits. Remember when Epic Games acquired Pysonix with plans to take Rocket League off Steam and how that went seemingly nowhere? Things are finally moving ahead with Rocket League going free to play on the Epic Games Store...
  15. Heaven__

    PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Bring Movie-Quality Graphics, New Gameplay Concepts, Smarter AI, and More – Epic Games

    Epic Games have been at the forefront of next-gen talk, and on more than a few occasions, they’ve talked up the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series. Multiple times, they’ve discussed how they feel next-gen hardware is not only going to bring games closer than ever to photorealistic graphics, but also...
  16. Heaven__

    Unreal Engine 5 Unveiled With Real-Time Tech Demo On PS5

    Epic Games have unveiled their first step into the next generation of consoles, with the official announcement of Unreal Engine 5, the new version of their engine built for next-gen consoles. A real-time tech demo showcasing the capabilities of the engine – running on a PS5 – has also been shown...
  17. Heaven__

    Fortnite Will Be Available on PS5 and Xbox Series X at Launch

    Try to act surprised. Epic Games have confirmed that Fortnite, possibly the biggest game on the planet right now, will be available on both PS5 and the Xbox Series X when the two consoles launch. They confirmed the same while unveiling their new next-gen Unreal Engine 5. When it launches for...
  18. Heaven__

    Gabe Newell On Epic Games Store: Competition Is “Awesome,” But Can Be Ugly

    Ever since the end of 2018, there has been a not so quiet war waging on the PC front. It’s one that we’ve never quite seen before with Epic Games being aggressive with their new storefront, the Epic Games Store. They’ve utilized third party exclusives in a way unprecedented in the PC market...
  19. Heaven__

    Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Guide – How to Open Agency HQ Vault and Secret Vault Locations

    If you’ve played Apex Legends, then Fortnite: Chapter 2’s new Vaults in Season 2 will be familiar. You need a special keycard to access each one and can acquire some pretty cool loot. However, you’ll have to contend with Agent minibosses to acquire the corresponding keycard. Let’s go over the...
  20. Heaven__

    Fortnite Guide – How to Complete Metal Mouth and Zadie Skin Challenges

    Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 2 is currently underway but it’s still worth looking at the Metal Mouth and Zadie skins. These skins, which look like the Hunters from The Division, can be purchased from the cash shop but completing their challenges will unlock alternate styles. How do you go about...



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