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enter the gungeon

  1. Heaven__

    Exit the Gungeon Coming to PC and Consoles Early This Year

    Dodge Roll Games’ Exit the Gungeon, a side-scrolling platforming title set in the Gungeon-verse, is currently only playable on Apple Arcade. However, the developer has confirmed that it will be coming to consoles and PC early this year. Will that be in this quarter? Within the next month? It’s...
  2. Heaven__

    Exit the Gungeon Announced for Apple Arcade

    Apple recently announced a release date and price for Apple Arcade along with a bevy of games (including Capcom’s Shinsekai: Into the Depths, which sadly isn’t Deep Down). However, during the announcement, a new game in the Gungeonverse was spotted. Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off of Dodge Roll’s...
  3. Heaven__

    Enter the Gungeon, Shadow Warrior 2 Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in September

    Microsoft has revealed the latest titles coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, focusing on the PC side of things. Though it launched with roughly 100 titles, September’s entries further diversify the line-up. It kicks off with The Coalition’s Gears 5, which should currently be available for Xbox...



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