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  1. Heaven__

    Dreams Has Kicked off a New Story Campaign, and Players Will Decide How it Proceeds

    Megapenguin Rehatched calls back to one of Dreams' more special E3 presentations, and presents the beginning of a ongoing collaborative community-driven project. Dreams might not be getting the kind of blockbuster fanfare that other PlayStation first party exclusives have been getting, but...
  2. Heaven__

    Dreams Guide – Best Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

    You’ve picked up Media Molecule’s Dreams and are keen to see what the fuss is about. We’d advise playing through the story mode first and experiencing some random titles made by others. The game itself has a very in-depth tutorial system which explains a lot but not everything, unfortunately...
  3. Heaven__

    Dreams Guide – How to Check Quest Progression and Search for Creators

    Media Molecule’s Dreams is now available for all and sundry on PS4. First-time players will likely dive into the story mode and unlock new items to use in their creations as they play. However, you’ll see that your Imp (aka avatar) can be leveled up for even more unlocks by completing quests...
  4. Heaven__

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Recreated In Dreams, Looks Surprisingly Impressive

    Concerns about how accessible Dreams will be to its playerbase might be very valid, but one thing that has become clear as day is that the extensive and ridiculously varied creation toolsets being provided by Media Molecule are not going to disappoint in terms of depth. We’ve seen everything...
  5. Heaven__

    Dreams Beta Still Due For 2018

    Remember when Media Molecule announced that the Dreams beta will come out in 2018? Now we’re a third of our way through December, and the end of the year is encroaching upon us. And yet, in spite of all that, there’s still no sign of the Dreams beta. If you are frustrated, I empathize. The game...
  6. Heaven__

    Dreams Campaign Gameplay Revealed in New Footage

    Media Molecule has a reputation for providing extensive game creation tools in its LittleBigPlanet series and its upcoming PS4 exclusive Dreams is no different. However, if you’re someone who wants to pick it up and jump right in, there are three different stories in the main campaign to play...
  7. Heaven__

    Dreams Gets Multiple New Gameplay Videos At The PlayStation Experience

    Dreams Gets Multiple New Gameplay Videos At The PlayStation Experience More information about the fantastic looking Dreams. Sony and Media Molecule seem to be making up for the months and months of the silence that Dreams fans had to endure by putting out a lot of information for it all at...
  8. Heaven__

    PSX 2017: New Dreams Gameplay Showcased, Beta Coming Soon

    PSX 2017: New Dreams Gameplay Showcased, Beta Coming Soon New Dreams PS4 gameplay was showcased during the PlayStation Experience 2017 presentation. What’s more, Media Molecule also announced that a beta would be coming, prior to the 2018 launch. Here’s the gameplay:



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