1. Heaven__

    Pokemon Masters Adds Professor Oak In Latest Update

    No other franchise has translated to mobile for Nintendo than the Pokemon series. The latest mobile title was Pokemon Masters, a game that took the spotlight off the monsters and put them on the many iconic trainers and other NPCs throughout the franchise’s storied history. While it hasn’t met...
  2. Heaven__

    Mario Kart Tour’s Second Multiplayer Test Will Be Open To Everyone

    Nintendo’s foray into mobile has been a slow, but steady, process. They eased into the space with multiple big name franchises and one of their biggest raced in near the end of last year with Mario Kart Tour. The game surpassed 123 million downloads quickly within its first month and has been...
  3. Heaven__

    Pokemon Masters Out Now for iOS and Android

    The latest Pokemon title for mobile devices is finally here with Pokemon Masters. Developed and published by DeNA, the title is available now for iOS and Android via the Apple store and Google Play Store. Unlike Pokemon GO, Pokemon Masters is all about the battles as players form teams of famous...
  4. Heaven__

    Pokemon Masters Is A Free To Play 3v3 Battle Mobile Game Releasing This Summer

    We reported earlier that several new Pokemon titles were coming to mobile soon, and today we got the first major details on one of them, Pokemon Masters. While Pokemon GO has been a major hit for the franchise for a good while, Masters promises something a little closer to the traditional...



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