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deep silver

  1. Heaven__

    Wasteland 3 To Feature At Least Ten Different Endings

    Wasteland 3 is coming later this year with a promise to bring you a bit of that old school RPG. Set with its isometric viewpoint, extensive dialogue options and strategic gameplay. It seems inXile also want you to replay this bad boy a lot, and I do mean a lot, as it will feature a multitude of...
  2. Heaven__

    Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC Guide – All Suit Upgrades And Weapon Upgrade Parts Locations

    In the Metro Exodus DLC, Sam’s Story, upgrading your suit is key since it allows for carrying more ammo and items while also having substantial damage resistance. The kicker is that upgrades can only be found in Night Hunter stashes, which require some digging around to find them. Don’t worry...
  3. Heaven__

    Metro Redux Switch Review – Back Into The Depths

    Metro 2033 came out at a time when first person shooters were veering more and more into the realm of online gaming, when story-driven single payer shooters like Half-Life were becoming a rarity, and multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Battlefield were ruling the roost. In a market that was...
  4. Heaven__

    Wasteland 3 Shows Off Little Vegas In Valentine’s Day Trailer

    Wasteland 3 promises a return to some old school RPG shenanigans. The game will see you once again battle through a post-apocalyptic society and all the dangers that go along with that rebuilt world. Today, though, we did get a little look at the world’s brighter side. In a Valentine’s...
  5. Heaven__

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Aztez Free Next Week on Epic Games Store

    It’s another week of free offerings on the Epic Games Store with board game Carcassonne and turn-based strategy Ticket to Ride. You can claim them from now till February 13th. An Epic Games Store account is required though along with the launcher to actually play said games. However, next week...
  6. Heaven__

    Saints Row 4: Re-Elected Out on March 27th for Nintendo Switch, According to Amazon Listing

    Update: Deep Silver has released an official trailer for the Switch version along with confirming the March 27th release date. Check it out below. Original Story: We’re still yet to see the next title in the Saints Row franchise but Saints Row 4: Re-Elected is seemingly much closer to being...
  7. Heaven__

    Metro Redux On Switch Will Run At 720p/30 FPS In Handheld Mode, 1080p In Console Mode

    After a couple of leaks over the last few months, it was recently confirmed that Metro Redux would indeed be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and that the port would be developed in-house by 4A Games themselves. It’s a bit of an unusual move, with developers usually choosing to go with third party...
  8. Heaven__

    Metro Redux Is Coming To Switch On February 28

    Speculation of Metro Redux coming to the Switch has been mounting since the game was leaked by a retailer for Nintendo’s platform last year, and with yet another listing (this time from PEGI) just a couple weeks back, that speculation has grown even more. Now, series developers 4A Games have...
  9. Heaven__

    Shenmue 3 Guide – Herb Locations, Herb Maps, And Hide and Seek Locations

    You’ll probably be strapped for cash on more than one occasion in Shenmue 3. Along with fishing, a good way to earn money is by collecting and selling herbs. You can locate different herbs by picking up different Herb Maps – two of them are in Bailu Village at the poster stall near Tag-Get. Head...
  10. Heaven__

    Metro Redux For Switch Rated By PEGI

    The Switch has seen a bevy of ports – old and new, likely and unlikely – since its launch, which makes sense, because the system’s hybrid functionality makes it a uniquely excellent platform to play any game you can think of. Two games that wouldn’t feel out of place on the Switch are 4A Games’...
  11. Heaven__

    Shenmue 3 Trailer Shows Off Combat And Training

    It’s November now, and the next installment in the Shenmue series is almost here. It’s been a long road to finally get here, filled with many bumps on the way. Developer Ys Net has been releasing videos focusing on various aspects of the game in the lead up to the launch, such as the town and...
  12. Heaven__

    Shenmue 3 Backer Trial on PC Starts This Weekend

    After promising as much, especially following the game’s delay to November, Ys Net has confirmed a PC backer trial for Shenmue 3 coming this weekend. The trial will allow players to explore Bailu Village. It’s only for a day but you can keep replaying it to experience everything. An email will...
  13. Heaven__

    Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels DLC Out Tomorrow, Adds Flamethrower

    4A Games’ Metro Exodus is receiving a new story expansion tomorrow with The Two Colonels. Yes, that’s right – tomorrow. As part of the Expansion Pass, it sees players in the Novosibirsk Metro. Instead of journeying as Artyom, the events take place from a different perspective before the Aurora...
  14. Heaven__

    Gamescom 2019 Sony, Microsoft, and Google Are Among Over 15 Publishers With New Reveals And Announcements At Gamescom Opening Night Live

    European gaming trade fair Gamescom is approaching, and the opening day event, Gamescom Opening Night Live, will be live streamed around the world on August 19. Geoff Keighley, who’ll be hosting that event, recently took to Twitter to announce that over fifteen game publishers will be at the...
  15. Heaven__

    Saints Row: The Third: The Full Package For Nintendo Switch Gets New Bombastic Trailer

    Saints Row: The Third, arguably the best game in Volition’s extremely over the top open world crime action series, is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, and now we know what the Switch version of the game will look like. The first trailer for the game is available now, which you can see...
  16. Heaven__

    Outward Combat Rewards Ingenuity and Preparation, New Trailer Revealed

    Many open world, RPG-style experiences pride themselves on rewarding players and eventually letting them steam-roll through. Nine Dots Studio’s Outward takes a different approach. It’s more survival-oriented, challenging players to stay alert and prepare for the worst. The combat is no exception...
  17. Heaven__

    Metro Exodus’ Latest PC Hotfix Brings Improved Performance For Integrated Video Cards

    Developers 4A Games have released a new hotfix for the PC version of Metro Exodus, improving its performance in several key areas while also fixing other general bugs and issues that have come to their attention. The most notable fix here is improved performance for the game through integrated...
  18. Heaven__

    Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package Launches On Nintendo Switch On May 10

    We already knew that Deep Silver would be bringing Saints Row: The Third, the most beloved game in Volition’s wacky and over the top open world action series, to the Nintendo Switch this year (though it still feels no less random now than it did back when the announcement was originally made)...
  19. Heaven__

    Metro Exodus Guide – Where to Find All Suit Upgrades?

    The suit is a crucial gameplay mechanic in Metro Exodus. It’s something that you will want to upgrade if you want to survive in the harsh world of the game. In order to do this, the game provides a number of upgradeable items that you can find in the game. Where do you find them? Let’s take a...
  20. Heaven__

    Metro Exodus’ Day One Update Adds Many PC Specific Settings Options, And More Filters For Photo Mode

    Metro Exodus is available now at last. But, as is the case with many other games (including another game that has launched today), it includes a day one update for you to download. While the update for Metro Exodus does not seem as essential as Ubisoft’s day one patch for Far Cry New Dawn, it...



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