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  1. Heaven__

    Playstation Days of Play Sale Begins June 3

    Playstation Days of Play sale has returned! Promising major discounts on major Playstation exclusives and PlayStation accessories. You can find the full list of discounts (as seen on the PlayStation Blog) that will be happening in the Days of Play sale, which begins June 3 and runs until June...
  2. Heaven__

    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Free PSN Download Available (US, EU)

    Who doesn’t want free games, right? Bandai Namco Entertainment is giving away a free game for PS4 owners right now! Below are the Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 free PSN download links for both US and EU! While you can download the game directly via your PS4, if you want to do it now, just log...
  3. Heaven__

    Sony Announces PlayStation “Play at Home” Initiative, Free Games Offered

    With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, more and more people are being advised to stay at home to help stop the spread of the disease. Video game companies have not only instructed their employees to work from home, but are even offer incentives for doing so too. Sony has today announced...
  4. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Plus Free Games April Selection Leaked

    Those looking for the next batch of free games for PlayStation Plus members, it seems the PlayStation Plus free games April selections have been revealed — albeit, prematurely. An unlisted video by the PlayStation Access YouTube channel has outed the two PS4 games set to become free for...
  5. Heaven__

    Here Are the Free Games You Can Download Right Now While Stuck at Home

    With the COVID-19 epidemic spreading like wildfire across the world, most of the world’s governments are recommending people to stay at home in order to stop the virus from spreading. Having said that, one of the best and safest ways to entertain yourselves at home is by playing video games...
  6. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Plus March Download Links Now Live – File Sizes, Description & More Here (US, EU)

    It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and for PlayStation Plus members, that means the PlayStation Plus free games for March are now live! Below, the PlayStation Plus March download links are available, as well as the official file sizes, descriptions and more. In case you didn’t know, this...
  7. Heaven__

    PlayStation Store Sale “PS Store Essential Picks” Now Up

    There’s a new PlayStation Store sale this week. Called the “PS Store Essential Picks,” the sale has high-tier titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, The Witcher 3 and more on sale. PlayStation Store Sale – PS Store Essential Picks: Game (89) Price % Off A Way Out $14.99 50% ARK...
  8. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Store Sale “Critic’s Choice Sale” Now Live, Here Are the Games

    Sony has once again released a new PlayStation Store sale, and this one is full of heavy hitters! Called the “Critics’ Choice Sale,” the games on hand are the ones that rated quite highly (when they were released). PlayStation Store Sale “Critics’ Choice” – Ends February 9, 8 a.m. PST: Game...
  9. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Plus February 2020 Free Games Revealed

    Members of Sony’s premium online service PlayStation Plus, the moment you’ve been waiting for has come! Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus February 2020 free games lot, and they’re none other than BioShock: The Collection, The Sims 4, and Firewall Zero Hour! While this was announced by the...
  10. Heaven__

    PlayStation Store Sale “Under $20” Now Live, Here Are the Deals

    Sony has rolled out the first PlayStation Store sale of 2020, and it’s called the “Under $20” sale! While the sales normally go out on Tuesdays, Sony has seen it fit to release it today on Friday. Check out the full list of games below. PlayStation Store sale “Under $20” – Ends February 5...
  11. Heaven__

    PSN PS Plus Free Games January 2020 List Leaks Ahead of Announcement

    Update: It’s now officially official! The PS Plus free games January 2020 titles are Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and Goat Simulator! Check out the trailers for each below and be sure to grab them between January 7 to February 3, 2020. Original Story: We’re just in the first day...
  12. Heaven__

    PlayStation Store Ubisoft Sale Is On-Going Now, Here Are the Discounted Games

    Today, Sony launched a PlayStation Store sale just for Halloween. Aside from that though, there’s also a new publisher sale, and this one is for Ubisoft! Check out the full list of games available in the PlayStation Store Ubisoft sale below. PlayStation Store Ubisoft sale (Ends October 29 at 8...
  13. Heaven__

    PlayStation Store Flash Sale Today Now Live, Here’s What’s for Sale

    Heads up! Sony has once again launched a PlayStation Store flash sale today! Check out the full list of discounted titles below. PlayStation Store flash sale today: Game Price % Off Battle Chasers: Nightwar $7.49 75% BOXVR $20.99 30% Car Mechanic Simulator $22.49 25% Control...
  14. Heaven__

    Xbox Games With Gold October 2019 Free Games Revealed

    For those who look forward to each month’s batch of free Xbox games by being a member of Xbox Live Gold, the Xbox Games With Gold October 2019 free games list has been revealed! Same as always, there are a bunch of games free for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox One One Tembo the Badass Elephant...
  15. Heaven__

    PSN PSN Store Sale UK & EU Deals Now Live, Here’s the List of Games

    While North American gamers just got the big Totally Digital, and EA publisher sale on the PlayStation Store the other day, UK/EU gamers aren’t being left behind, as there’s also a PSN Store sale UK and EU and it’s live right now! PSN Store UK sale: Discount Name Price Price PS+ −57%...
  16. Heaven__

    PSN PS Plus Free Games Download Links for September 2019 Now Live, File Sizes, Official Info Detailed

    Just announced last week, September’s PlayStation Plus free games are now live! Same as always, the PS Plus free games download links can be seen below for both EU and US, along with the file sizes, and official details. This month’s free games are a good lot, as Batman: Arkham Knight, and...
  17. Heaven__

    PlayStation Store Flash Sale Today Now Live, Here’s the Games List With Links

    While we didn’t have a PlayStation Store sale this past Tuesday, Sony has sprung a PlayStation Store flash sale today, and it’s now live! Same as before, a set list of games have been discounted. Check out the full list of titles below along with the links leading to the web browser PSN Store...
  18. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2019 Download Links, File Size and Info (US, EU)

    It’s the first Tuesday of August, and that means this month’s free PlayStation Plus free games can now be downloaded! In case you didn’t know, this month’s free games are Wipeout Omega Collection, and Sniper Elite 4 Remastered, which aren’t a bad selection of games. Below, we’ve included the...
  19. Heaven__

    PSN PlayStation Store Celebrate Summer Sale Update – Here Are the New Games Added This Week

    In case you didn’t know, Sony launched the PlayStation Store sale called “Celebrate Summer” two weeks ago, which included hundreds of games at discounted prices. Now, if you think you’ve seen the entire list, think again! Today, Sony has added a slew of titles now as part of the Celebrate Summer...
  20. Heaven__

    Xbox Live Xbox Store Sale Now Live, Here’s the Full List of Discounted Games

    Xbox gamers, a new Xbox Store sale or more commonly known as “Deals With Gold” are live right now! Cutting to the chase, the list of discounted games can be seen below. Xbox One Game USD GBP EUR AUD CAD Type Adventures of Pip $7.49 £5.99 €7.49 – $7.49 Deal With Gold American...



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