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  1. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Switch Debut Trailer Leaks

    Crysis Remastered is in line for its debut trailer reveal in less than a couple hours from now, but its full reveal has proven to be a leaky ship. Recently, a listing of the game prematurely went live with details about its release date and more on the Microsoft store, and now, it’s the Nintendo...
  2. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Potentially Leaked For PS4, Xbox One, Switch, And PC

    For a few days now, the Crysis Twitter has been teasing something. After reactivating after years of being inactive, it seems they were pointing to some type of revival for the shooter. Well, the official website may have inadvertently spilled the beans on what that project is: a remaster of the...
  3. Heaven__

    Crysis Remastered Confirmed, First Official Trailer Released

    The remaster for Crytek’s Crysis has officially been confirmed. A new trailer has been released for the title, succinctly named Crysis Remastered, and it’s coming soon. No real gameplay or such was revealed but we can probably expect more of that in the coming months. Check out the trailer...
  4. Heaven__

    Hunt: Showdown – PS4-Xbox One Cross-Play Is Just “Weeks” Away

    After a long and eventful development cycle, Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown finally saw its full launch last year, when it came out for the Xbox One and PC in August. That was followed by a PS4 release less than a month ago. With a game that’s as focused on multiplayer and PvP, cross-play is usually...
  5. Heaven__

    Warface Is Available for Free on Switch Out of Nowhere

    The free-to-play shooter Warface has stuck around and grown stronger in the many years it’s been around, having amassed millions of players. It’s been on available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for a while not. Switch players had been let out for a while, but that’s suddenly changed. Out of nowhere...
  6. Heaven__

    Hunt Showdown PS4 Release Date Set for Next Month, Crossplay Planned

    After initially launching on PC and Xbox One last year, Crytek Games has finally revealed the Hunt Showdown PS4 release date, and it’s due next month! In a press release detailing a new publisher deal between Crytek and Koch Media, it was revealed that the Hunt Showdown PS4 release date would...
  7. Heaven__

    11 Upcoming Games of August 2019

    The Autumn deluge is nearly upon us and starts with August delivering a number of great releases. Whether you’re seeking the next big Switch exclusive, a new 4X strategy title, a third person shooter from Remedy or some good ol’ fashioned horror, this month is looking packed. Let’s take a look...
  8. Heaven__

    Hunt: Showdown Out on August 20th for PC, Xbox One

    The PS4 version will be out this Fall. Crytek’s unorthodox shooter Hunt: Showdown will be exiting Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on August 20th. Retailing for $39.99 on PC and Xbox One respectively, there will also be a PS4 version coming later in the Fall. Koch Media will also with...
  9. Heaven__

    Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3 All Playable on Xbox One Via Backward Compatibility

    Once upon a time, Crysis was the cutting edge of gaming. A PC game with graphics so advanced, that getting to run the title at all was a mark of recognition for your rig. Of course, gaming tech and graphics have advanced long since, and Crysis’ allure has worn off (more so in light of the...
  10. Heaven__

    Warface Is Now Available For Free On PS4

    Warface had initially been released on the PC many years back, and it did exceedingly well, too- at one point, it had 25 million registered users. After many years away from current gen consoles, Warface is now available on PS4 as well, and best of all- it’s available for free. To celebrate the...
  11. Heaven__

    Crytek's multiplayer swamp horror Hunt: Showdown

    Kicking off today's special Gamescom edition of Inside Xbox, Microsoft has announced that Crytek's multiplayer swamp horror Hunt: Showdown is making its way to Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview programme. Hunt: Showdown casts players as bounty hunters of the undead and sets them loose, either...
  12. Heaven__

    Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha Begins in January 2018

    Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha Begins in January 2018 The hunt against monsters – and from other players – will commence very, very soon. Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown, which went through a number of delays and one major revision, will be hosting its closed alpha in January 2018. The official Twitter...
  13. Heaven__

    Crytek’s New Game “Hunt: Showdown” Is Coming to Steam Early Access, Watch the New Trailer

    Crytek’s New Game “Hunt: Showdown” Is Coming to Steam Early Access, Watch the New Trailer Crytek has been very busy! The team’s current project, Hunt: Showdown, is looking good in the newly-revealed Steam trailer (embedded just below). The reason it’s a “Steam trailer” is because the game...



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