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creative assembly

  1. Heaven__

    A Total War Saga: Troy Shows Off Menelaus Campaign And Details Divine Will

    The Total War franchise has taken us a lot of places, both based in reality and fiction. The latest entry in the series, A Total War Saga: Troy, looks to be a mix of both. It will be set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, an event that may or may not have happened. Similarly, the game mixes...
  2. Heaven__

    A Total War Saga: Troy Highlights Trade In New Trailer

    This year will see a new entry in the beloved RTS series by Sega and Creative Assembly, A Total War Saga: Troy. The game will take you to ancient Greece, in one of the most timeless tales of a war and city that may have never existed. We’ve seen highlights of how battle will go in this new...
  3. Heaven__

    Alien Isolation Is Only $2 (USD) On Steam

    The Alien franchise is one that’s played hokey pokey with video games for years. There is, of course, the classic Alien vs Predator games that are remembered fondly. Before the Fox/Disney merger, it also seemed like everyone was talking with Fox to make a game based on the classic series. And I...
  4. Heaven__

    Total War: Warhammer 2 Will Be Free To Play This Weekend

    It’s been something of a few couple of months for most people. Being stuck at home is always no fun, and for some there’s not a whole lot that can help that. But, at the very least, companies are offering up a lot of free stuff to either buy or try, and now Sega and Creative Assembly have got...
  5. Heaven__

    Total War: Three Kingdoms Introduces Yellow Turban Faction In New DLC

    Total War: Three Kingdoms was a big shakeup for the long running strategy series. Not only did it radically change the setting to one the series had never seen before with The Romance of the Three Kingdoms era Chinese setting, it changed some core fundamentals about the franchise. And now more...
  6. Heaven__

    Total War: Three Kingdoms Gets Major Patch Before Reign Of Blood DLC

    The latest installment in the long running RTS series, Total War: Three Kingdoms, seems to have been a smash hit for Sega and developer Creative Assembly. The game is quite the reinvention for the franchise, and you can see our take on it here. Tomorrow a new DLC is coming that promises a bloody...



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