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  1. Heaven__

    Dirt 5 Update 3.00 February 22 Tows in Energy Content Pack & More

    Codemasters (which is now fully owned by EA), has released the Dirt 5 update 3.00 February 22 patch! This brings the Energy Content DLC, as well as a slew of free stuff too! Head on below for details on the complete patch notes, as well as the premium and free content! Dirt 5 Update 3.00...
  2. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Accolades Trailer Highlights Strong Critical Reception

    Codemasters rarely ever stumbles with its racing games, and its most recent racer, DiRT 5, is definitely one of its stronger ones in recent memory. Bringing a much more bombastic and arcade flavour to the series than fans have been used to over the last few years, DiRT 5 has garnered strong...
  3. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Review – Finely-Tuned Chaos

    Codemasters has come a long way with the DiRT series. Among the many things that set their games apart from the competition, an unrelenting focus on different surface types, vehicle types, and good old-fashioned dirty rally racing have been what players can expect from them. In that regard, DiRT...
  4. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Launch Trailer Features High-Octane Racing

    The era of next-gen gaming is nearly upon us but before that, Codemasters’ DiRT 5 will be coming to current-gen consoles first. It’s thus released a launch trailer which showcases all of the messy rally racing that players can get up to. Plus it has Troy Baker providing the voiceover. Check it...
  5. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Trailer Offers a Brief but Impressive Look at Xbox Series X Gameplay

    DiRT 5 will be one of several major third party cross-gen releases ushering in the new console generation, and it’s among those that quite a few have been looking forward to with some anticipation. Recently, a new trailer was released for the game, highlighting Xbox Series X gameplay. The...
  6. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 – Xbox Series X Gameplay Showcases Gorgeous Environments

    Codemasters’ DiRT 5 is one of the more interesting titles for next-gen consoles, particularly due to its support for 120 FPS gameplay. Thanks to some new gameplay footage and details from GameSpot, we get a better idea of the game’s enhancement modes and settings on Xbox Series X. The video also...
  7. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 – 15 Things You Need To Know

    Codemasters are one of the most prolific developers of racing games out there, and more often than not, the games they make tend to hit their mark. Their upcoming DiRT 5, too, looks like a solid new racer from the studio, perhaps even the most exciting a DiRT game has looked in recent years...
  8. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 PS5 Release Date Not Yet Decided, Progress Won’t Carry Over From PS4

    DiRT 5 will be one of many major third party multiplatform titles that will be launching as cross-gen releases and as next-gen launch titles. Codemasters’ racer has been confirmed to be coming to the Xbox Series X / S on November 10– but what about the PS5? Sony’s console is out on November 12...
  9. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Out on November 10th for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

    Codemasters’ DiRT 5 saw a delay from October to November for its current-gen release but that lines up quite nicely release for Xbox Series. The racing sim will release on November 10th alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Those who purchase the Xbox One version can avail of a free...
  10. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 – New Ice Breaker Event Unveiled in Gameplay Video

    Codemasters continues to unveil new gameplay for DiRT 5. The latest video offers a look at the Ice Breaker event, which is all about racing on smaller tracks and navigating the treacherous ice. Cornering, drifting and throttling need to be handled differently to succeed. Check it out below. The...
  11. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Trailer Details Locations, Events, and More

    Codemasters have revealed a new “Features” trailer for their upcoming racer, DiRT 5. The trailer leaked prematurely about a week ago, but in case you wren’t able to watch it then before it got taken down, you can watch it below. Among other things, it officially confirms the free PS4-to-PS5...
  12. Heaven__

    F1 2020 Review – Setting the Pace

    With the severe impact of the global pandemic on the sports world, sports games have been the biggest safe haven for fans to experience their favorite events. While the Formula One season has just restarted, fans have been itching for another way to experience the races, and F1 2020 is another...
  13. Heaven__

    F1 2020 Features Trailer Reveals New Podium Pass System

    The regular Formula One season may have been derailed but Codemasters’ F1 2020 is still on track for release. The latest in the storied racing franchise brings a whole new slate of features, big and small. A new trailer highlights these in a less than two minutes. Check it out below. My Team...
  14. Heaven__

    F1 2020 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

    F1 2020 is a Formula One racing simulation game developed and published by Codemasters, and the officially licensed game of the sporting event. Development F1 2020 was announced by Codemasters in April 2020, along with new information released on the improvements made to the career mode and the...
  15. Heaven__

    Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lead List of Xbox Series X Optimized Games

    The “Optimized for Xbox Series X” badge is something Microsoft have been talking up of late. Essentially, if a game wears this badge, it means it has – as the wording suggests – been optimized to take as much advantage as possible of the Xbox Series X as possible, which reduced loading, or...
  16. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Is Looking Impressive In New Gameplay Video

    Codemasters will be pumping out another instalment in their beloved off-road racing sim franchise when DiRT 5 releases later this year, and in a new gameplay video uploaded by GameSpot, we get to see a couple of minutes of the game in action, showing how it’s shaping up. In the video, which you...
  17. Heaven__

    DiRT 5 Announced, First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

    Codemasters teased a new DiRT game in development and it’s now been revealed. DiRT 5 debuted on Inside Xbox with graphics optimized for Xbox Series X. Check out the first gameplay for the title below. The footage seen was quite impressive, showcasing dirt effects, weather effects like lightning...
  18. Heaven__

    F1 2020 Announced, Releases on July 10th

    Codemasters’ latest title in its famed racing sim franchise is coming this Summer with F1 2020. Out on July 10th, it will add a new mode called My Team and release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. F1 2020 will also mark the series’ debut on Google Stadia. Check out the announcement trailer below...
  19. Heaven__

    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed for PlayStation Plus in New Trailer

    Last week, a video leaked revealing that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Codemasters’ DiRT Rally 2.0 would be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April. Though the video has been taken down, Sony has now officially confirmed that both games are indeed free with the service next...
  20. Heaven__

    Project CARS 2, Fable Anniversary Confirmed Free With Xbox Live Gold in April

    After Xbox Live Gold subscribers discovered that certain titles were free in April, Microsoft has officially announced its free Games With Gold lineup for April 2020. And yes, it indeed includes Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS 2 and Lionhead Studios’ Fable Anniversary. Available for Xbox One...



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