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  1. Heaven__

    Sonic Colors: Ultimate Patch is Live for Nintendo Switch

    Official Twitter says that this is only the first of several upcoming patches, and that other platforms would also receive some in the future. Sonic Colors: Ultimate launched last week for multiple platforms but it hasn’t been without its issues, especially on the Nintendo Switch. To help fix...
  2. Heaven__

    Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Upcoming Patch Will Alleviate Bugs and Crashes

    Social media manager for the Sonic brand recently took to Twitter to reveal that an upcoming patch will alleviate all technical issues with the game. Social media manager for the Sonic brand recently took to Twitter to reveal to fans that an upcoming patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be...
  3. Heaven__

    Sonic Colors Ultimate Introduces All 9 Wisps in New Trailer

    Each Wisp offers a unique ability, whether it's filling the Boost Gauge or turning Sonic into a laser to shoot through enemies. Sega’s Sonic Colors gets a new lease on life when its HD remaster launches next month courtesy of Blind Squirrel Entertainment. Set in Doctor Eggman’s Incredible...
  4. Heaven__

    Borderlands Legendary Collection, BioShock: The Collection, XCOM 2 Collection Out Now on Switch

    It’s raining 2K Games releases for Nintendo Switch owners. Gearbox’s Borderlands Legendary Collection, Blind Squirrel Games’ BioShock: The Collection and Firaxis’s XCOM 2 Collection are now available for the Nintendo Switch. Check out their respective launch trailers below to see them in action...



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