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E3 Streams

List of streams for E3 2017

Event Description Start Time Streams
EA Press Conference EA Play Show Saturday June 10th 8:00 PM       
Microsoft Press Conference  * Microsofts Pre-E3 show Sunday June 11th 10:00 PM             
Bethesda Press Conference Bethesda's E3 pre-show Monday June 12th 5:00 AM       
PC Gaming Show PC Gaming E3 pre-show Monday June 12th 6:00 PM         
Ubisoft Press Conference Ubisoft's E3 pre-show Monday June 12th 9:00 PM         
Sony Press Conference  * Sony's E3 pre-show Tuesday June 13th 2:00 AM         
Nintendo Press Conference Nintendo's E3 pre-show Monday June 12th 9:00 PM         

*  May also have a Console App that is Streaming also (EG: Xbox app, playstation live app, IGN app)
Jun 10, 2017
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