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Crysis 4 Officially Announced

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Crytek has gone ahead and officially confirmed that a fourth entry in the sci-fi first person shooter series is finally in the works.​

The Crysis games have always had a strong and dedicated fanbase, but in spite of having enjoyed plenty of success, the series never got a fourth sequel. While the first three games have been recently remastered, and the originals are still lauded for their technical achievements (especially the...

Overwatch Has More Legendary Skins Planned for 2022 “Than Any Year Prior” – Blizzard

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A spokesperson for the title addressed the lower number of Legendary skins available in the Lunar New Year event compared to previous years' offerings.​

Year of the Tiger is now live for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, celebrating the Lunar New Year as it has for many years prior. However, many fans were quick to notice that the Legendary skins offered were far less. While three Epic skins can be earned from the...

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife – Ashes of Vados Releases February 10th for PC, Adds Boss Rush and Horde Mode

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A new boss fight (with a more challenging variant), hellish platforming level and modifiers for new runs are also included in the $8 DLC.​

White Rabbit’s side-scrolling action RPG Death’s Gambit received quite the free content update with Afterlife. It added several new abilities, weapons, bosses and improvements on top of being free. The fun doesn’t stop there though as the developer has announced a new DLC – Ashes of Vados...

Sea of Thieves Preview Event Set for January 27th

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Rare says that this will be the "biggest year yet" for its live service multiplayer title. It's currently available for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X/S.​

Amid the many live service titles released throughout the years, Rare’s Sea of Thieves is still going strong, having crossed 25 million players as of October 2021. A new Preview Event has been announced for January 27th, 6 PM GMT with the development team looking at all of...

Apex Legends Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary With Free Characters and Themed Packs

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Starting from February 8th till March 1st, players can login and claim a Legend and three Thematic Packs each week for free, starting with Octane.​

Apex Legends’ next season, Defiance, is out in the coming weeks but that’s not all. Respawn Entertainment will be celebrating the free-to-play battle royale shooter’s three year anniversary with some free characters and packs upon login. The celebration will run for three weeks with...

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Will be Available for All Players on January 27

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Rainbow Six Extraction's Buddy Pass will allow you to invite two friends to play the co-op shooter with you for free for 14 days.​

Rainbow Six Extraction is out now, and though the game’s less-than-stellar reception from critics and a large number of players alike may have turned many off the game, with its lower price and the fact that it’s also available via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, there’s a pretty low barrier to...

Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC Hotfix Buffs Several Weapons, Nerfs Servants

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Several of the new weapons like the Wrecking Ball, Maws of the Deep and Queen's Rapier have seen some buffs with the most recent hotfix.​

The third DLC for Motion Twin’s Dead Cells, The Queen and the Sea, launched earlier this month and served to conclude the trilogy. However, the development team is still...

Battlefield 2042 Has Fallen Out of Xbox’s Top 50 Most Played Games

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EA and DICE's multiplayer reception has suffered a bumpy launch, and a lack of needed improvements has left its player base dwindling.​

Battlefield as a series has often had rough launches over the years, but Battlefield 2042’s launch last year was particularly rough even by those standards. The game was met with less-than-stellar reception from critics, while the response from the player base was overwhelmingly negatively...

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Teases Hisuian Final Starter Evolutions

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The newest Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer teases Hisuian Variants of the three starters' final evolutions, but stops short of fully showing them.​

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have kicked the marketing for Pokemon Legends: Arceus into gear, with a steady stream of new trailers being released in the lead-up to its imminent launch. Another trailer has now been released- and it’s a particularly interesting one.

The vast...

EA and Lucasfilm Games Confirm Three New Star Wars Titles, Including Respawn’s Next Star Wars Jedi Game

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Peter Hirschmann, who worked on the original Star Wars Battlefront, is working on a new FP. New studio Bit Reactor is developing a strategy title.​

Many months of rumors later and Electronic Arts has finally unveiled what’s next for Star Wars. In collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, the publisher announced that Respawn Entertainment will be developing three new titles. One of those is the next Star Wars Jedi title with game...

OlliOlli World Cinematic Trailer Showcases Excitement in Radlandia

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The stylish side-scrolling skateboarding platformer is out on February 8th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.​

Among the many big games releasing next month is Roll7’s OlliOlli World, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed OlliOlli series. Unlike its predecessors, the sequel boasts a colorful new animated art-style which is perfectly represented in the new cinematic trailer. Check it out below...

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trailer Outlines Mechanics, Jobs, and Co-op

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Along with completed missions, there will also be co-op content like special dungeons and raids that players can tackle together.​

Square Enix recently released the final trailer for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin and it showcased some of the other Fiends along with more story bits. For those interested in the gameplay, a new “Features” trailer was also released. It highlights the mechanics, Job system, loot and much...



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