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Gran Turismo 7 Will Use Ray-Tracing Only in Replays

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It looks like enabling ray-tracing in the PS5 version of the upcoming racing sim will only be an option when you're viewing replays.​

Gran Turismo as a series has traditionally been a technical showcase for any and all hardware that it has graced, but with Gran Turismo 7 being a cross-gen game, many are wondering just how much the game’s going to be able to get out of the PS5’s hardware. Of course, it looks excellent, from what...

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes Gets 20 Minutes Of Gameplay With Developer Commentary

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The game's Director walks us through a lengthy amount of gameplay from the upcoming horror title.​

Next month, we will once again return to Supermassive Games’ experimental Dark Pictures Anthology with House of Ashes. The game, like its two predecessors, will find a group of people in a strange situation against some type of seemingly supernatural force. This time it will be a group of soldiers in Iraq, who find themselves...

Deltarune Chapter 2 is Out Tomorrow on PC

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Save data transfer from the first chapter is supported, though creator Toby Fox says players who "generally remember what happened" will be fine.​

Almost three years after the first chapter’s release, Deltarune Chapter 2 is coming tomorrow to PC. It will be available on its official website from 5 PM PT onwards. Developer Toby Fox also released a new trailer which can be seen in the...

WipEout Rush Announced for iOS and Android, Out in 2022

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WipEout Rush will deliver a card-based racing experience tailor-made for mobile devices, and will feature a single player campaign, 60 ships, and more.​

WipEout is one of many, many PlayStation dormant franchises that legions of fans have been hoping to see make a comeback in the not-too-distant future, and as 2017’s WipEout Omega Collection proved all too well, this is a series that can deliver some of the best...

Valheim – Hearth and Home Update is Out Now, Trailer Teases New Threat

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New weapons and items, the ability to name tamed pets, an Obliterator for destroying unwanted items, and much more have been added.​

Valheim’s long-awaited major update Hearth and Home is now available on PC. Along with adding new build pieces and furniture, new recipes, overhauled food mechanics and combat changes, it also seems to have a new threat. Check out the trailer below for a brief tease.

Hearth and Home features...

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Launches November 16th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC

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New gameplay deep dive showcases exploration, investigation mechanics and combat, including using the environment against foes.​

Frogwares has confirmed that Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will be releasing on November 16th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 versions, as earlier announced, will be releasing a few weeks afterwards. Along with a new release date trailer, there’s a new gameplay deep dive...

Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer Showcases Doc’s Healing Abilities

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Armed with a Stim Pistol, Doc can heal allies from a distance. Any downed teammates can also be brought back into the action.​

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, continuing its series that highlights each Operator’s capabilities. Next in line is Doc, a medic with a Stim Pistol that can heal teammates. This can also be used on downed allies to get them back up.

While not quite as wide-ranging in...

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife Releases September 30th on PC and Switch

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The free expansion adds six new bosses, multiple new weapons, ten new levels and new endings on top of numerous improvements and changes.​

White Rabbit and Serenity Forge have announced that Death’s Gambit: Afterlife will be releasing on September 30th for Nintendo Switch and PC. The massive free expansion for the 2D action platformer offers ten new levels to explore, several new weapons and six new bosses. Check out the latest...

eFootball PC Requirements Revealed

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Minimum and recommended system requirements for eFootball on PC are both quite modest.​

At the end of this month, Konami will be reinventing its football sim series as eFootball, which is planned as an ongoing free-to-play live service model. And though at the very beginning it’s looking like it’s going to be quite light on content, there’s still no shortage of people who’re willing to see how the series’ experiment...

Subnautica: Below Zero, Skatebird, and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

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This is in addition to several other previously announced titles like Sable, Aragami 2, Lemnis Gate, and Astria Ascending.​

The next wave of Xbox Game Pass titles is nearly upon us. Microsoft has announced the titles coming to the service, starting with Flynn: Son of Crimson going live today for cloud, PC and consoles...

Cruis’n Blast is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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The 2017 arcade racer features 23 vehicles, including fantasy vehicles like unicorns and tanks, along with 29 tracks set around the world.​

The latest title in the cult-classic Cruis’n series is now available on Nintendo Switch with Cruis’n Blast. Originally released in January 2017 for arcades, it’s finally made its way over to home consoles. Check out the launch trailer below and revel in the arcade racing madness.


Age of Empires 4 Stress Test Announced for September 17th and 20th

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Four civilizations will be available along with five maps. Changes to camera zoom distance and balance have been made along with bug fixes.​

Following its closed beta from August, Age of Empires 4 will have a stress test at 10 AM PST on September 17th and September 20th. This will be open to all players who can access it either via the Xbox Insider Hub or through Steam. Being an Age Insider isn’t necessary and there’s no NDA in...



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