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Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2 Game Catalog Further Revealed

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Sega has unveiled 11 more games coming to its second miniature console, featuring a games lineup from both the cartridge releases, as well as the Sega CD releases.​

Sega has announced 11 more games coming to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2. The newest list of games join 11 more that were announced earlier this month when the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2 was originally unveiled.

As is tradition, the list of games has been...

Oh Dear **what did I do**

More 80's music. Giuffrea I Must Be Dreaming

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I Must Be Dreaming

From the album Silk and Steel.

Full Albumm

Bono and the Edge perform in Kyiv metro station

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The U2 stars performed a 40-minute concert in the metro station in support of Ukrainian forces.​


Bono and the Edge performed a 40-minute concert in Kyiv metro station, which is currently acting as a bomb shelter, in front of a small audience on Sunday.

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, invited two of Ireland’s foremost...

The House in The Hollow - Development Update 2022

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Disruptions caused by COVID-19 have continued to hinder our schedule.

In addition, we have decided to migrate the game to the Unreal Engine 5 in order to truly bring to life the ‘House in The Hollow’ and we are making good progress with the changeover.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in a delay of the game’s release.

We know a lot of players have been patiently waiting for the game, but we have made the hard decision to delay the...

DARE - The Raindance

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DARE - The Raindance​

How have I never heard of this band before?​

Love their music.​


The Raindance


How to Change PS5 Cover Plates

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How do you change PS5 cover plates? The PlayStation 5 is certainly a head turner with its rather out-there design. However, more often than not it's the contrasting black and white colour scheme that rubs players the wrong way the most. Whether it's messing with your feng shui or you just didn’t like a giant white tower placed beside your television, for the longest time there hasn’t anything you could officially do about it.

Now, of...

GTA 5: How to Transfer PS4 Save Data Progress to PS5

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How do you transfer PS4 save data progress to PS5 in GTA 5? Grand Theft Auto 5 allows you to transfer PS4 save data progress to PS5 using the Rockstar Games Social Club. This means all your weapons, cars, and story mission progress in GTA 5 will be transferred to Sony's new console. Please do keep in mind that this only...

Elden Ring: All Maps Locations

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Where to find all maps in Elden Ring

What are all maps locations in Elden Ring? Getting an overview of the layout of the Lands Between is as simple as pushing the touchpad on your controller, but if you haven't found any maps yet then you'll only see basic information, like...

Elden Ring Guide: Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks, and Boss Strategies

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Elden Ring is the latest RPG developed by FromSoftware for PlayStation 5, PS4, and various other platforms. Following on from popular titles like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and...



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