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Moonglow Bay Announced for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC

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Developer Bunnyhug revealed its upcoming title Moonglow Bay for release later this year on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The slice-of-life fishing RPG sees players venturing to the Eastern Canadian coastline in the 1980s under dire circumstances. Check out the trailer below.

Though the player is relatively inexperienced in fishing, they’re out to fulfill the last wish of their partner, battling against bankruptcy in the process. With a...

Hello Neighbor 2 Trailer Breaks Down Mr. Peterson’s AI

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Mr. Peterson is eternal, as showcased in the latest trailer for Eerie Guest’s Hello Neighbor 2. Following the first game’s events, the player ventures to Raven Books to locate Peterson. Unfortunately, the latter is an even more efficient AI than before that will learn from previous experiences and hunt you down. Check out the trailer below.

Much like the previous game, Mr. Peterson will look for ways to ambush the player, copy any effective...

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC is Out Now

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The second paid DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm, is now available for all platforms. Departing from the Ancient Greece setting of the base game, the DLC is inspired by Chinese mythology. It sees a new protagonist Ku assisting the Goddess Nuwa to save Heaven and Earth.

Along with meeting Chinese deities, players will battle ancient beasts and solve puzzles. There’s even Ruins in the Heavens, optional challenges akin to...

Biomutant Trailer Highlights Ranged Combat, Combos and Elemental Attacks

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Following its reveal in 2017, THQ Nordic’s Biomutant would see sporadic details over the years. However, it’s now on track to release this May, bringing its brand of open world exploration and combat to previous gen consoles. The latest trailer highlights some of tools that players can use in battle – check it out below.

Biomutant offers both ranged and melee combat with weapons ranging from rifles and machine guns to elemental weapons that shock...

Total War: Rome Remastered Announced, Releases April 29th on Steam

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A classic RTS is making a comeback with Total War: Rome Remastered. Developed by Feral Interactive and The Creative Assembly, the remaster will include enhanced visuals with 4K support. It releases on April 29th for PC via Steam and retails for $29.99. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Along with optimization for 4K and ultra-widescreen monitor support, the remaster also includes environmental effects like heat haze and dust, re-modeled...

Three Nacon Publisher Games Now Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

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This month, we at Nacon are proud to release three games optimized for Xbox Series X|S: Monster Truck Championship, Hunting Simulator 2, and Tennis World Tour 2 – Complete Edition. Since all these titles came out first on Xbox One last year, today we will focus on the optimizations made for next-gen consoles.

Monster Truck Championship: Bigger Just Got Better


Magic: Legends Open Beta is Now Live on PC

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Magic: Legends, Cryptic Studios’ action RPG spin to Magic: The Gathering, has entered open beta on PC. It’s available through Arc Games and the Epic Games Store. Downloading from the Epic Games Store will provide two drop boosts, a summon skin and a free costume for the Moorland Ranger till April 6th. Arc Games players can claim the Gavony Vigilante costume, Ogre Mortar Bruiser skin, two mission boosts and two drop boosts for free...

Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins Announced, Act 1: Greed Arrives on March 30th

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IO Interactive has announced a new “premium expansion” for Hitman 3 called Seven Deadly Sins. Comprised of seven parts, the DLC will delve into Agent 47’s mind and explore various different “sins”. New opportunities and contracts, along with unlockable sin-themed suits and items, will be added.

The first part, Act 1: Greed, arrives on March 30th and takes place in Dubai. The theme here is that the coins are “overflowing” and...

Deathloop Tells a Self-Contained Story, Doesn’t End on a Cliffhanger, Game Director Says

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It’s always exciting to see a talented studio working on a new IP. The promise of entirely new worlds with fresh stories to tell, built on new ideas and gameplay mechanics is an alluring one, and Arkane, of course, is no stranger to trying new things. Soon, the studio will be doing so once again, as it prepares to launch Deathloop in less than two months from now.

But should it prove to be a critical and commercial success, will it lead to...

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Trailer Features the Flail-Wielding Mystic

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Sumo Digital has revealed the fourth and final class in its upcoming Hood: Outlaws and Legends. The Mystic is an interesting combination of stealth, melee combat and support with a number of abilities that can be beneficial for his allies. Watch game director Andrew Willams explain in the trailer below (via IGN).

Employing a flail, the Mystic has strong range in combat with his heavy attack capable of whip-shooting and stunning foes from a...

Oddworld: Soulstorm – 14 Features You Need To Know

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Abe returned to the spotlight in 2014 with Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty, beginning the series’ journey of retelling and reimagining the story of its original four releases, and though it’s been a while, that’s going to resume soon with Oddworld: Soulstorm. Billed as an ambitious cinematic platformer, Soulstorm has been making some pretty interesting promises since it was first announced roughly five years ago, and soon, we’ll find...

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Gameplay Reveal Trailer Showcases Combat, Investigations, Choices, and More

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Frogwares have a solid track record with games based on the Sherlock Holmes property, and though they branched out and tried something different with 2019’s The Sinking City, soon, they will be returning to the famous detective (albeit a much younger version of him) with Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. The game’s premise has sounded intriguing for a while, and now finally, Frogwares have given us our first proper look at its gameplay as well.




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