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Minecraft Dungeons is Now Available on Steam

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The action RPG looter is available in its base version and in an Ultimate Edition which contains all of its paid DLC along with other goodies.​

Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons, an action RPG looter spin-off set in the Minecraft universe, is now available on Steam. Along with the base game, PC players on the platform can also purchase the...

Chorus is Out on December 3

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Fishlabs and Deep Silver's space shooter, first announced last year, is out in December for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.​

Fishlabs’ upcoming space shooter Chorus was announced over a year ago, and the bits and pieces that we’ve seen of it so far have looked quite promising. Now, following yesterday’s tease, publisher Deep Silver has confirmed when exactly we can expect to play the game- Chorus is out on December 3.

The release...

The Forgotten City Arrives On Nintendo Switch Today Via Cloud Streaming

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Modern StoryTeller's time-looping adventure The Forgotten City drops on Nintendo Switch today via cloud streaming.​

Developer Modern Storyteller has released a cloud-based version of The Forgotten City on Nintendo Switch. The time-looping adventure previously released on major console platforms in July this year. Check out the trailer below.

As reported by VGC, The Forgotten City on the Switch makes use of Ubitus cloud...

Rumour Mojang Is Working On Two New Minecraft Games

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A recent Windows Central report states that 2 Minecraft games are currently in development at Mojang.​

A new report from Windows Central states that Mojang has at least two new Minecraft games in the works right now. Reputed author Jez Corden backs his claim with anonymous sources, and believes that...

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Announced – Massive Expansion Releases in Summer 2022

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The expansion will introduce new monsters, brand new locales and new story quests with the latest trailer teasing a new dragon.​

Kicking off the latest Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced a large new expansion coming to Monster Hunter Rise in Summer 2022. It’s called Sunbreak and sees players venturing to new environments, taking on new monsters and partaking in new story quests. Check out the teaser reveal below...

Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online in October

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Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will include titles like Super Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other classics when it launches.​

The rumors are true – Nintendo will be adding titles from the Nintendo 64 era to Nintendo Switch Online. This will be part of a new subscription plan called Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack but that’s not all. It will also include Sega Genesis titles like Sonic the Hedgehog...

Splatoon 3 Trailer Teases New Weapons and the Return of Mammalians

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Venture to Splatsville and engage in Turf Wars in the Splatlands with new weapons while investigating the Mammalians' reappearance.​

Nintendo offered a new trailer for Splatoon 3, its colorfully stylish shooter that arrives next year for Nintendo Switch. It showcases Splatsville, the new central hub and proclaimed “City of Chaos” which is a mishmash of different civilizations through the years. Check it out below.

Of course...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Adding Brewster and The Roost in November

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More details on the upcoming update will be shared in a dedicated Animal Crossing Direct scheduled for some time in October.​

The monstrous hit known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to sell ridiculous numbers, but support for the game has largely dried up in recent months, with Nintendo having released next to no major new updates for it in a while. That, however, will be changing soon.

During their recent Nintendo...

Triangle Strategy Coming to Nintendo Switch on March 4th 2022

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Square Enix has also taken demo feedback into account and implemented camera controls, difficulty changes and more.​

Square Enix’s Project Triangle Strategy has received an update and an official name. It’s now called – surprise – Triangle Strategy but still retains the gorgeous HD 2D art-style, tactical...

Actraiser Renaissance is Out Today for Switch, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android

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Enix's 1980 SNES classic Actraiser has been remade, bringing its unique part-platforming, part-city building experience to modern hardware.​

Nintendo’s recent Direct had a good mix of big and relatively more off-beat games, and one of the more unexpected announcements came in the form of Actraiser Renaissance, a remake of Enix’s 1980 SNES title Actraiser, which was part-2D action platformer and part city builder...

Mario Party Superstars Adds Woody Woods, Horror Land and Yoshi’s Tropical Island Boards

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The three remade boards are showcased in all of their glory along with Mt. Minigames, which offers Survival and Tag Team modes.​

Among the various Nintendo Switch titles releasing this Fall is Mario Party Superstars which offers numerous remade boards from the Nintendo 64 era. A new...

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – New Gameplay Shows Combat, Progression, and More

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Eidos Montreal's upcoming action-adventure title shows off various facets of gameplay in new footage.​

Eidos Montreal is branching into new directions with its upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a game that we’ve seen quite a bit of in the lead-up to launch since its reveal earlier in the year. And as said launch draws closer, we’re beginning to see and learn even more of the game.

Plenty of new gameplay footage for it...



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