Microsoft Phasing Out P2P Voice Chat for Parties to Combat XBL DDoS, Will Be More Secure on Backend

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With more and more players taking online games seriously, some take them a little too seriously, or just want to crap on people’s fun by messing with their connections by DDoS-ing (distributed denial of service) other games and whatnot. It looks like Microsoft is hiking up security on their end, as P2P (peer-to-peer) voice chat is being phased out on Xbox and it’s to combat (Xbox Live) XBL DDoS attacks.

This was confirmed by Xbox Engineer...

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Game of the Year Edition Receives New Trailer and Details

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The wait continues for more Elden Ring details but in the meantime, FromSoftware is readying a new update for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This update will add new challenge modes for bosses along with skins for Wolf and Remnants aka player ghosts. It will go live on October 28th at 10 AM PT and also be included with the Game of the Year Edition. Check out the newest trailer below.

More details on the update were provided via the PlayStation Blog in...

Gears 5’s Hivebusters Story DLC Will Launch in December

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Much to the surprise of many, Gears 5 will be getting a full-fledged new story DLC soon, with the expansion set to put the spotlight on the Hivebusters, the trio that stars in the Escape multiplayer mode. Details on the DLC are currently scant, but those will be coming before the year is out- as will the DLC itself.

Speaking with IGN, Gears 5...

PS4 Titles Are Seemingly Being Patched With Enhancements Ahead of PS5 Launch

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When the PS5 launches this November, it will be able to play all but less than a dozen PS4 games released to date. Many of the games it runs via backward compatibility will also benefit from added boosts and enhancements to leverage the next-gen console’s most powerful hardware. And with the PS5’s launch right around the corner, it seems Sony have been stealthily releasing new patches for various PS4 games in preparation.

The Last of Us...

PS5’s Box Has Instructions for Transferring Data from PS4

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Sony has recently been sending out the PS5 to various media outlets and influencers for pre-release coverage for the next-gen console. Polygon’s Samit Sarkar is among several who’ve received the console, and recently, he shared an interesting detail on Twitter.

Showing images of the PS5’s retail box, Sarkar revealed that the console’s box has instructions on the bottom for how to transfer your data from a PS4 to your new PS5. You can connect both...

This Week on Xbox: October 23, 2020

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Xbox Touch Controls on Mobile Come to More Games, Giving You More Ways to Play
At Xbox we believe this era is all about the player, you are the future of gaming. We listen to what you – players, game developers, and content creators – tell us you want and based on your feedback…...

Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn Trailer Teases Upcoming Brotherhood Of Steel Quest

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While the games as a service (or live service, if you prefer) model is one that makes many player’s cringe, and conjures the images of many failed projects, the truth is that it can be utilized well. There’s a few examples of this, with one being Fallout 76. Its launch issues were legendary enough that it even prompted several delays to upcoming projects at Bethesda. As time has marched on, Bethesda has put a lot of effort into turning the game...

The Outer Worlds is Now Available on Steam and GOG

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After being exclusive on PC to the Epic Games Store for more than a year, Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is now available on Steam and GOG. It’s discounted by 50 percent on both platforms to celebrate the launch.

The Outer Worlds is set in the distant future where megacorporations have colonized and laid claim to entire planets. You play as the Stranger, a crew member of the colony ship Hope, and investigate the Halycon...

Gears 5 on Xbox Series X/S Features Dave Bautista in Campaign

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With the Xbox Series X/S out in just three weeks, The Coalition’s Gears 5 will stand as one of the more interesting titles to check out. In addition to being fully optimized for both consoles, however, it also offers a reason to replay the campaign. Check out the trailer below to see what we mean.

Yes, Dave Bautista, the famous wrestler and Hollywood star, can be subbed in to the campaign. He’ll take over Marcus Fenix’s role so while there won’t...

More Sony First Party Games Should Adopt The Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Strategy

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One reason Sony’s first party games have become so popular this generation is that, in an era where so many publishers release games with half baked functionality or polish, relying on post launch patches and content drops to actually bring the title up to scratch, Sony’s games ship feature- and content-complete. Out of the box, you get the full game, with no necessity to spend any extra money to supplement the experience – just like how it used to...



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