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How to Move PS5 Games to External HDD to Make More Console Space

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In case you missed the big news today, Sony released a new firmware update for the PS5 that added the ability to store PS5 games on an external hard drive. If you are wondering how this is done, we here at MP1st have prepared a short guide, detailing how to move PS5 games to an external HDD.

How to Move PS5 Games to...​

Road 96 Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021

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DigixArts’ Road 96 opened up Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase. Announced last year, it’s an adventure title with procedural paths with different decisions opening up varying routes and branching paths. Check out the intriguing reveal trailer below.

The story focuses on two teens who are hitch-hiking on the open roads. There are all kinds of choices that one could make, from taking a truck to venturing to the wilderness. Different objectives also...

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals Announced for Switch and PC

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Before the Nintendo Indie World Showcase concluded, one last title was revealed – Night School Studio’s Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Coming later this year, it takes place five years after the original game and focuses on Riley as she returns to the town of Camena. What are these strange radio signals? As she investigates, even stranger things start to occur.

The original Oxenfree first launched in 2016 and focused on 2.5D...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Coming to Switch, New Action-Packed Trailer Debuts

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge was already confirmed for PC but it’s also coming to consoles with the Nintendo Switch being the first announced. Developer Tribute Games debuted a new trailer during the Indie World Showcase stream, highlighting the amazing music and action. Check it out below.

The story sees the Turtles battling Shredder and Krang once again, venturing to different stages and fighting off everything from Foot Clan...

OlliOlli World Announced, Releasing This Winter

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Roll7’s acclaimed OlliOlli series is getting a sequel in OlliOlli World. Though it was revealed during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase for Switch, it’s also releasing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC with Private Division as the publisher. Check out the first trailer below.

Boasting a more colorful aesthetic, the sequel takes place in Radland and has the player interacting with different characters along with...

Cris Tales Releases on July 20th

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Time-traveling RPG Cris Tales is out on July 20th according to a new trailer by Modus Games. Developed by SYCK and Dreams Uncorporated, the title sees Crisbell gaining the power of a Time Mage to see the past, present and future at once. Along with several allies, she must use this to save the world from the evil Empress.

Along with moving between different time periods to make different story decisions, Crisbell’s powers can also be used in...

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Wrath Of The Druids Expansion Has Been Delayed To May 13

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Last year saw the release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the latest entry in Ubisoft’s crowning action series. Valhalla was a massive game, probably the biggest in pure content and size in the franchise so far (and that is saying something if you know anything about the series), but it’s not over just yet. The game is still getting updates, however, including its first major expansion. However, it seems you will have to wait just a bit longer for...

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Trailer Details Objectives, Classes and Enemies

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Sumo Digital’s Hood: Outlaws and Legends is out next month and offers a unique blend of PvEvP heist gameplay. A new trailer by Focus Home Interactive details the various mechanics involved and how players can prep for success. Check it out below.

Set in medieval times, the objective of each match is to infiltrate a vault deep within a castle and steal the treasure, which is easier said than done when there are knights patrolling. Each environment...

PS5 Update Adds Cross-Generation Share Play and Disabling Game Chat, Goes Live Tomorrow

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The first major system update for PlayStation 5 is going live tomorrow and offers a significant array of features. Those running low on storage can now transfer their PS5 titles to compatible external USB drives. While they can’t be played off the drive or directly downloaded to it, they will automatically update when transferred...

Resident Evil Re:Verse is Getting a Second Beta April 14-16

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The PvP deathmatch multiplayer title Resident Evil Re:Verse might not be a game many are keenly anticipating, especially with Village launching soon, but the game at least has an interesting enough premise for series fans to be eyeing it with some curiosity. Capcom recently held an open beta for the game to give players a chance to jump in and see how it’s shaping up, but matchmaking issues turned out to ruin the fun for a large number of people...

WRC 10 Announced, Launches in September

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The WRC license might be shifting to Codemasters in a couple of years, but until then, developers Kylotonn have been doing great things with it. Their WRC games have been growing progressively better, to the extent that last year’s WRC 9 was a legitimately great rally racing sim. Now, as promised, publisher Nacon has officially unveiled WRC 10.

The reveal trailer itself is pretty brief, but the headlining additions for this year’s entry have been...

Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase for Tomorrow

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Indie World Showcase 4.14.2021 - Nintendo Switch​

A new Indie World Showcase arrives on Wednesday, April 14 at 9 a.m. PT! Tune in for a livestream featuring roughly 20 minutes focused on fresh and new indie games coming to Nintendo Switch.

Less than two months after its last Direct, Nintendo has announced a new Indie World Showcase for tomorrow. As per Nintendo of America on Twitter, it will take place at 9 AM PT. The...



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